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Page Title: Assignment 3, Continued
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3-35. Who maintains the inventory of recurring  reports  at  an  activity? 1. Forms manager 2. Reports control manager 3. Administrative assistant 4. Directives control officer 3-36. An annual review of a report may be combined with the annual review of the command directive used as the basis for the report. 1. True 2. False 3-37. To ensure that obsolete files are removed  from  case  files,  reports should  be  routed  through  whom? 1. Forms manager 2. Security manager 3. Ship’s secretary 4. Senior Yeoman 3-38. How often should the reports control officer publish and distribute a revised list of current  and  canceled  reports? 1. Monthly 2. Quarterly 3. Semiannually 4. Annually 3-39. To be an effective aid, how often should a report tickler file be checked? 1. Daily 2. Weekly 3. Monthly 4.   Quarterly 3-40. Forms are vital to the effective management of your command because they provide information for which of  the  following  purposes? 1. Formulating policy 2. Controlling operations 3. Movement of materials 4. Each of the above 3-41. Who develops and coordinates the overall forms management program within  the  Navy? 1. Secretary of the Navy 2. Chief of Naval Operations 3. Secretary  of  Defense 4. Chief,  Bureau  of  Naval Personnel 3-42. Each command is responsible for establishing and maintaining a forms  management  program. 1. True 2. False 3-43. What is the first step in establishing  a  form  management system  within  an  activity? 1. Design new forms 2. Cancel all forms in use 3. Review forms for duplication 4. Issue  a  directive  that  states the objective of the function 3-44. The number and complexity of the forms  and  procedures  in  an  activity should have no bearing on the number of personnel assigned to the forms  management  function. 1. True 2. False 3-45. A forms management office should take  which  of  the  following  actions as a first step in the operation of a  forms  management  office? 1. Design new forms 2. Collect  copies  of  all  forms 3. Review forms for duplication 4. Cancel all local forms in use 3-46. Which of the following steps apply to  the  continuing  effort  to  keep forms  and  procedures  up-to-date? 1. Obtain and analyze the facts 2. Evaluate and develop solutions 3. Install  solutions  and  follow  up 4. All of the above 17

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