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Page Title: Ship's Internal Budget
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B Summary The  B  summary,  figure  4-11,  is  preparedin the same way as the A summary. It serves as a means   to   provide   statistical   a c c o u n t i ng adjustments  (nonchargeable)  between  transferring and  receiving  UICs  within  the  same  appropriation accounting   classification. Your  most  frequent  use  for  the  B  summary will be to report the issue of both chargeable-type and ship’s material to ships of the same TYCOM that  are  in  the  same  FYDP  or  budget  activity. Figure 4-11 reports the transfer of four items from USS Wichita (AOR-1) to USS Hull (DD-945) and USS  Grey  (FF-1054),  both  assigned  to  Com- mander   Naval   Surface   Force   Pacific   (COM- NAVSURFPAC).   The   transfer   of   chargeable items between ships of the same TYCOM has no actual  effect  on  the  TYCOM’s  operating  budget since  the  credit  was  made  against  funds  in  the same  operating  budget  as  the  charge. SHIP’S  INTERNAL  BUDGET The  establishment  of  a  departmental  or  ship’s budget provides a method for the most equitable distribution to the ship’s departments of OPTAR funds granted to the ship. Although these reports are  not  required,  they  are  established  at  the discretion of the TYCOM or commanding officer. The TYCOM’s funding policy and the command- ing officer’s prior experience will be factors that will  influence  which  of  the  reports  described  in this  section  will  be  used,  if  any. OPTAR  BY  MAJOR  BUDGET CATEGORY  REPORT Some  ships  receive  their  OPTAR  from  the grantor  with  separate  authorizations  by  major categories;  for  example,  repair  parts,  equipage, and   all   others,   including   consumables.   When funds  are  received  with  such  targeted  restrictions placed  upon  them,  the  ship’s  OPTAR  by  major budget  category  report  is  a  handy  and  useful method of determining and reporting the status of these separate categories of funds. This report is a prerogative of the ship’s commanding officer, should he or she desire it. The use of this report is not recommended except in those cases where the  TYCOM  issues  the  ship  an  OPTAR  with separate  authorization  or  restrictions  by  material category.  When  the  report  is  used,  the  supply officer will be responsible for the maintenance of the  records  and  preparation  of  the  report. DEPARTMENTAL  BUDGET  REPORT When the ship’s departmental budget report is  used,  it  is  prepared  by  the  ship’s  supply department  to  provide  information  on  the  use  and status  of  the  ship’s  OPTAR  by  individual  ship department  and  for  the  ship  as  a  whole.  The report  shows  for  each  of  the  ship’s  individual departments the dollar amount of all stock issues and  DTO  requisitions  made  in  the  current  period, the  total  amount  of  OPTAR  usage  (both  issues from  stock  and  DTO  requisitions)  made  in  the current fiscal year, and the unused amount of the allocated  OPTAR  funds  presently  available  for requisitioning   storeroom   stock.   The   ship’s departmental   budget   report   described   in   this paragraph is not required by the FLTCOM or the official fleet accounting system. However, the use of either this report or a modification thereof is recommended.  When  it  is  desired  to  budget  for consumables only at the departmental level, this report  may  be  modified  accordingly. Since  differences  calculated  by  the  FAADC are   reported   to   OPTAR   holders   in   summary amounts  and  only  line  item  transactions  with substantial  difference  amounts  are  shown,  the differences  cannot  be  determined  by  individual ship  departments.  In  addition  to  providing  for  the allocation  of  a  portion  of  the  ship’s  OPTAR  to each   of   the   ship’s   departments,   this   report provides  for  the  allocation  of  a  portion  of  the OPTAR  grant  on  a  shipwide  basis  to  cover  the differences   received.   Figure   4-12   shows   the recommended  format  for  preparation  of  the  ship’s departmental  budget  report. When the ship’s departmental budget report is used, it should be prepared on the 15th and the last  day  of  the  month—concurrent  with  the preparation  of  the  current  fiscal  year’s  OPTAR document  transmittal  report.  It  should  be prepared for the commanding officer with a copy for  each  of  the  ship’s  departments. Repair Parts Budget The  departmental  budget  usually  requires  two reports. One of these is the departmental budget for repair parts. The repair parts budget is usually made  out  for  only  four  departments.  You  could have  more  than  four  departments,  it  just  depends on  what  kind  of  ship  you  are  stationed  aboard. The bigger the ship, the more the departments will need  repair  part  money.  The  usual  four departments are commanding officer, operations, deck,  and  engineering.  The  supply  department 4-14

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