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Page Title: Responsibility
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endurance levels of stock required to sustain shipboard operations  and  to  make  sure  of  maximum  material readiness  of  the  ship. RELATIONSHIP TO THE NAVY MAINTENANCE AND MATERIAL MANAGEMENT (3-M) SYSTEMS Reporting  of  supply  support  of  maintenance  actions is required by the maintenance data system (MDS) of the 3-M Systems. Existing procedures for inventory control afloat, which are compatible with procedures in the Ships’  Maintenance  and  Material  Management (3-M)  Manual,  OPNAVINST  4790.4,  make  specific provisions for 3-M reporting by use of the green copies of  NAVSUP  Form  1250-1  from  nonautomated  ships  or keypunched DD Forms 1348m, in prescribed format, from  automated  ships. RELATIONSHIP TO SUPPLY, EDIT, AUDIT, AND SIM SYSTEM Prescribed inventory control procedures provide for required  data  entries  and  submissions  schedules  of source documents and reports required by TYCOMs under  the  SEAS  system.  Maintenance-related documents   submitted   by   nonautomated   ships   to TYCOMs (or designated processing facilities) under the SEAS  system  are  subsequently  processed  for  input  to the 3-M program. RELATIONSHIP TO OPTAR ACCOUNTING AND  REPORTING The  procedures  for  inventory  control  afloat  are compatible  with  the  OPTAR  accounting  and  reporting procedures  in  the  Financial  Management  of  Resources (Operating  Forces),  NAVSO  P-3013-2.  Postings  and adjustments  to  the  Requisition/OPTAR  Log, NAVCOMPT  Form  2155,  should  conform  with  the NAVS0 P-3013-2. The white copies of the NAVSUP Form  1250-1  in  the  consumption  file  are  used  to compute the consumption money values required in part I of the monthly Budget/OPTAR Reports as per the NAVSO P-3013-2. A consumption file is not required in nonautomated  ships  of  the  submarine  forces  since  the Budget/OPTAR Reports for such ships are rendered by the parent tender. These types of ships so supported are required to provide the OPTAR holding activity with the blue  copy  of  each  NAVSUP  Form  1250-1  that  is submitted as a requisition and with the green copy of each DD Form 1348 that is used as a requisition or an obligation  document. RESPONSIBILITY The  supply  officer  is  held  responsible  for  all material that is carried in your storerooms, in other departmental  spaces,  and  for  all  DTO  material  ordered. He or she is also responsible for all shipboard equipage and  presentation  silver.  The  latter  responsibilities  have already been discussed in chapter 4. Our focus will be on  the  supply  officer’s  responsibility  regarding  the material in your spaces, other departmental spaces, and DTO  material. Stock Material in Supply Department Spaces The supply officer is responsible for the storage, security,  and  inventory  control  of  all  stock  material  in his or her custody. The supply levels to be maintained should be based on authorized allowance lists or demand and the cognizant TYCOM’s funding authorization. Normally,  the  replenishment  of  frequently  demanded items should be assigned a high priority in the use of funds  authorized  by  the  TYCOM  in  the  quarterly OPTAR. Stock Material in Other Department Spaces Although  supply  department  stocks  of  consumables and  repair  parts  in  automated  ships  should  be  stored  to the maximum extent practical in supply storerooms, sometimes  it  could  be  necessary  or  more  expedient  to store certain bulky consumables or certain technical repair  parts  in  spaces  under  the  control  of  other department  heads.  On  tenders  and  repair  ships,  stocked repair  parts  and  equipment-related  consumables  in  the custody  of  other  departments  generally  are  referred  to as  “IMA  technical  stores.”  In  nonautomated  ships,  all consumables that cannot be stored in supply department spaces  should  be  procured  for  DTO  to  the  using department(s).  Some  supply  department  stocks  of certain  repair  parts,  such  as  bulkhead-mounted  spares, may require storage in spaces under the control of other department heads. When this happens, the supply officer should exercise inventory control of these items. The  authorization  to  store  stock  under  another department head should be obtained in writing from the commanding officer. That department head will in turn designate someone in his or her department, in writing, who  will  be  responsible  for  the  material  to  the  supply officer.  The  supply  officer  in  turn  will  provide  that individual  a  listing  or  an  Afloat  Locator/Inventory Record, NAVSUP Forms 1075, of all the material that individual has in his or her custody. 8-4

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