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Page Title: Response to MOV Requests
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differences between data entries in the requisitions and  MOV  requests.  Each  outstanding  requirement for which an MOV request has been received will then be validated to determine whether the total quantity  is  still  required,  or  whether  the  total quantity  or  a  partial  quantity  can  be  canceled. Quantities  will  not  be  increased  nor  priorities upgraded in the validation process. In addition, when   outstanding   requisitions   are   for   DTO maintenance-related  material,  the  related  issue request documents in the NIS/NC portion of the MOF  will  be  matched  with  the  applicable  OPNAV Forms  4790/2K  held  in  the  Maintenance  Data System (MDS) coordinator’s deferred action file. If there is no related maintenance action form held (meaning   the   job   has   been   completed),   the originator of each issue request will be requested either   to   authorize   cancellation   or   to   justify continuance  of  the  requirement.  After  the validation  has  been  completed,  each  validated requisition  document  in  the  MOF  will  be  an- notated  or  stamped  “Validated           MOV  request of .”  (In the first blank space of this notation, enter  the  routing  identifier  of  the  originator  of the MOV request, and in the second blank space, enter the Julian date of the MOV request. ) Response  to  MOV  Requests A  response  to  each  MOV  request  must  be received by the requesting activity via DAAS by the  reply  due  date  entered  in  lower  line  print positions  16-18  of  the  MOV  request  document, except  when  a  delayed  suspension  has  been  re- quested due to operating commitments. Fleet units mailing response cards will report by message to the requesting activity that the cards have been mailed when they are mailed less than 20 days before the reply due date indicated in lower line print positions 16-18 of MOV request documents. The reply due date is established as the fifth day of  the  second  month  following  the  cutoff  date entered  in  lower  line  print  positions  12-14  of the MOV request documents. Only the message should  be  submitted. When  you  receive  MOV  request  documents, you  should  review  each  document  to  determine if the quantity on order is still required or if you can reduce or cancel entirely. During the review, the  documents  can  be  separated  into  two  cate- gories —those  that  can  be  partially  or  totally canceled  and  those  that  the  original  quantity ordered  are  still  required.  Upon  your  review,  a response will be transmitted to DAAS. For those documents   that   can   be   partially   or   totally canceled, an AP response will be prepared with the  routing  identifier  of  the  requesting  ICP entered in CCs 4-6 and in CCs 71-73 left blank to  allow  for  DAAS  transmission.  The  quantity field will indicate the quantity still required, not the quantity being canceled. For example; if the total quantity is being canceled, the quantity in CCs 25-29 will be 00000. If the quantity is being reduced  from  5  to  2,  the  quantity  in  CCs  25-29 will be 2. For any document that the quantity is still   valid,   you   do   not   have   to   submit   any documents. Overaged  Requisitions  for  MOV Request Not Received When comparing MOV requests with related requisitions in the MOF, it may be discovered that MOV  requests  have  not  been  received  for  some overaged requisitions that apparently (based on the most recent status attached) are being held by the MOV originator. In such cases, follow-up or cancellation action (if and as appropriate) should be  initiated  per  the  NAVSUP  P-485. Delayed Submission of MOV Response Cards If operating commitments of your ship or late receipts   of   the   MOV   request   cards   prevent response by the reply due date, you or the MOV activity  should  advise  the  material  obligation holder  by  message  of  the  estimated  date  MOV responses  will  be  submitted  and  request  sus- pension of cancellation action on all requisitions involved.   To   facilitate   timely   suspension   of cancellation   action   by   the   supply   source,   the message also should indicate the activity address code (AAC) of each requisitioner involved. When a requisitioner is authorized more than one AAC, each  AAC  will  be  identified.  A  copy  of  the message  will  be  sent  to  the  cognizant  TYCOM. Consistent  with  messages  received,  material obligation   holders   will   suspend   actions   for cancellation   pending   receipt   of   cancellation requests or further advice from the requisitioner or  other  designated  activity. Cancellation of Requisitions When  the  recipient  of  MOV  request  docu- ments responds with requests for cancellation of items  or  reductions  in  quantities,  you  should confirm each item or quantity cancellation with a reply to cancellation request indicating status code BR (cancellation authorized in response to an MOV request). Funds will not be deobligated until confirming cancellations are received from the  requisition  holder.  Material  obligation  holders automatically  cancel  material  obligations  when  no response  to  MOV  requests  or  no  requests  for 5-20

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