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Page Title: Competition and Price Reasonableness
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They can use a variety of forms to request your personnel to buy the necessary material. Aboard ship  you  can  use  the  following  forms  for  open purchase:  DD  Form  1348-6,  NAVSUP  Form 1250-2, and any local prepared form that has been approved  by  competent  authority. Military  Interdepartment Purchase Request MIPRs are forwarded by the originating mili- tary department to another military department for purchasing action. Field contracting activities responsible  for  single  department  procurement should  receive  requests  for  purchase  action  on  the following    forms: Military   Interdepartmental Purchase  Request,  DD  Form  448  (this  form  is used  by  other  military  services),  and  Requests  for Contractual   Procurement,   NAVCOMPT   Form 2276 (this form is used by the Department of the Navy). COMPETITION  AND  PRICE REASONABLENESS It  is  the  responsibility  of  the  storekeeper  or buyer to make sure every purchase is made at a fair  and  reasonable  price.  He  or  she  is  to  make sure the government gets what it pays for in terms of  quality  and  delivery.  When  dealing  with  a contractor,  you  are  speaking  for  the  U.S.  Navy. When  making  a  purchase,  never  be  afraid  to challenge the price, demand a reduction, or ask to  talk  to  someone  higher  in  that  company.  If necessary  request  more  information  from  your customer. The information on the item that you are   purchasing   might   require   more   technical advice. If this happens, let your customer talk to the  contractor  with  you  present.  In  getting this  information,  your  job  is  to  perform  a service to support your customer and the ship or command. Purchases Not Over $2,500 These  purchases  should  be  distributed  equally over a period of time among qualified suppliers. If  practical,  a  quotation  can  be  solicited  from other contractors on repeat orders. When you can determine that one quote is fair and reasonable, you can save the additional expense and time of seeking additional quotes. But if you think that the  price  might  be  unreasonable,  then  seek additional  quotes.  The  judgment  in  the  reason- ableness of the price needs to be made in every buy.  You  need  to  use  common  sense  when  making these   buys.   You   should   always   ask   yourself, “Would I pay that price if I was going to use my own   money?”  If you answer no, then you need to do more work. Some of the time all you need is a better understanding of what you are buying or  additional  information  on  the  item. Purchases Over $2,500 For any purchases that are over $2,500, you must  have  your  purchasing  agent  solicit  three bids  from  various  contractors  or  companies.  By soliciting  three  bids  you  can  get  prices  that  are reasonable  to  the  government  and  to  your  com- mand.  You  can  get  reasonable  competition  for small purchases from the local area that is your home  port.  When  your  ship  is  on  deployment overseas, you then usually have to work through a husbanding agent in that foreign port. The only time you need a husbanding agent is when there is not a Navy activity located nearby. If you have an  NSD  or  an  Naval  Supply  Activity  located  in that particular port, you must submit your open purchases to them per the local directives or area instructions. When  requesting  bids  from  three  separate businesses and you only receive one response, no other responses are needed if you decide that the quote is fair and reasonable. The contracting of- ficer can have solicitations limited to one company if he or she decides that the price is fair and rea- sonable. When he or she does this, you must get a sole  source  letter  from  the  departmental  represen- tative explaining why this company is the best one to  purchase  the  material  from.  You  have  to  be sure you file this letter with the purchase request. BLANKET  PURCHASE  AGREEMENT The  BPA  method  of  small  purchase  is  a simplified   procedure   of   establishing   charge accounts  with  various  sources  to  cover  anticipated purchases of the same general category. The gen- eral  scope  of  the  BPA  must  be  consistent  with  the contractor’s status under the Walsh-Healy Public Contracts  Act  as  a  manufacturer  of,  or  regular dealer  in,  the  type  of  supplies  identified.  BPAs eliminate the necessity of issuing individual pur- chase orders by providing those purchases that can be  made  by  placing  oral  calls,  or  by  informal memorandums  when  more  convenient,  Maximum use  of  BPAs  is  encouraged  and  recommended when  appropriate.  Of  course,  if  you  do  a  small amount  of  purchasing,  you  probably  will  not  have repetitive  requirements  for  purchases  by  the  BPA method. Conditions  for  Use All   BPA   agreements   are   to   be   issued   as bilateral, two-party signature documents. Major field purchasing activities and other Navy Field 5-22

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