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Page Title: Assignment 5, Continued
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5-63. In which of the following manners should  MOV  requests  be  acknowledged? 1. Enter document identifier code AP9 and the receipt date to the right of  general-purpose  detail  card  and then promptly mail the MOV control card  to  the  activity  indicated  by the routing identifier code in CCS 4-6 2.  Enter  document  identifier  code  AP9 and the receipt date to the right of  general-purpose  detail  card  and then promptly mail the MOV control card to your type commander 3.  Enter  document  identifier  code  AP6 in CCS 4-6 and the receipt date to the  left  of  general-purpose  detail card and then promptly mail the MOV control card to DAAS 4. Initial and enter the receipt date to  the  left  of  general-purpose detail card and then promptly mail the MOV control card to the activity  indicated  by  the  routing identifier code in CCs 41-44 5-64.  Within  what  specific  number  of  days should an activity submit a request for  retransmission  message  to  DAASO when MOV documents have not been received? 1. 18 2. 14 3. 3 4. 7 5-65. Which of the following types of activities  receive  duplicate  MOV cards? 1.  ICPs 2. NSCs 3. FLTCOMs 4. SPCCs 5-66. What document should the MOF be matched  with  when  outstanding requisitions  are  DTO maintenance-related   material? 1. NAVSUP Form 1114 2. NAVSUP Form 1220-2 3. OPNAV Form 4790/2K 4. OPNAV Form 4790/CK 5-67.  Fleet  units  mailing  MOV  request response  cards  should  report  by message  to  the  requesting  activity that the cards have been mailed within what maximum number of days before the reply due date? 1. 5 2. 10 3. 15 4. 20 5-60. When responding to MOV request documents,  requisitioning  activities without  card  punching  capabilities should  return  all  request  documents grouped,  labeled,   and  separated  into which  of  the  following  categories? 1. Partial quantity cancellations 2.  Valid  requirements 3.  Total  quantity  cancellations 4. All of the above 5-69. Upon discovering that you have not received any MOV cards for some overaged  requisitions  on  file,  you should  take  what  action? 1. Send a follow-up 2. Wait for next cycle for MOV cards 3.  Ignore  requisitions  completely 4. Ask the work center if still required 5-70.  If  current  operating  commitments delay the submission of MOV response cards beyond the reply due date, the MOV activity should advise the material  obligation  holder  by  message to take what action? 1. Request suspension of cancellation action  on  all  requisitions involved 2. Request exemption from the MOV process 3. Request that the material obligation holder carry out the MOV  process 4.  Inform  the  material  obligation holder that the activity will not be participating in the MOV process because of current operating  commitments 38

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