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Page Title: Activity to Receive MOV Requests
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The proper format for MOV requests and for the  control  cards  that  accompany  each  batch  of MOV requests is located in the NAVSUP P-485. Activity to Receive MOV Requests With  the  exception  of  the  fleet  ballistic  missile (FBM)  submarine,  MOV  request  cards  must  be mailed to the ship or unit designated by the Media and Status (M&S) code in the overaged requisi- tions. When a zero is indicated as the M&S code, the  MOV  requests  must  be  sent  to  the  activity designated by the entry in CC 54, and if CC 54 is blank, the MOV requests must be sent to the requisitioner,  MOV  requests  mailed  by  the  supply source must be accompanied with a machine list of these cards; MOV requests transmitted to and mailed by DAAS must not be accompanied with a machine list. MOV request cards will be mailed to the ship or  unit  designated  by  the  M&S  code  in  the overaged  requisitions.  (See  exception  below.  ) When  a  zero  is  indicated  as  the  M&S  code,  the MOV   requests   will   be   sent   to   the   activity designated by the entry in CC 54 and, if CC 54 is  blank,  the  MOV  requests  will  be  sent  to  the requisitioner. MOV REQUESTS FOR FLEET BALLISTIC MISSILE  SUBMARINES—  MOV  requests  for FBM submarines always will be transmitted via AUTODIN  to  the  appropriate  Polaris  material office  designated  by  the  entry  in  CC  54  of  the overaged  requisitions,  regardless  of  any  M&S  code that may have been entered in CC 7. Acknowledgement of Receipt of MOV Requests Unless   subparagraph   3   applies,   receipt   of MOV  requests  will  be  acknowledged  immediately by  either  of  the  following: .  Enter  the  document  identifier  code  AP9 and the receipt date to the right of general-purpose detail  card.  The  MOV  control  card  then  will  be mailed promptly to the activity indicated by the routing  identifier  code  in  CCs  4-6. .  If  a  card-punching  capability  exists, prepare  a  duplicate  MOV  control  card  (using either  DD  Form  1348m  or  IBM  5081  General- Purpose  Card)  with  AP9  in  CCs  1-3  and  the receipt  date  in  CCs  41-44,  and  then  mail  the prepared  card  to  the  activity  indicated  by  the routing  identifier  code  in  CCs  4-6. . At the TYCOM’s option, the MOV control card  data  may  be  returned  via  DAAS  on  the format  provided  in  the  preceding  paragraphs  with the  following  exceptions  (see  fig.  5-13): Print  Positions Explanation 1-3 AP9 to indicate receipt acknowl- edgment. 41-44 Julian  date  the  MOV  cards  were received. DEFENSE   AUTOMATIC   ADDRESSING SYSTEM   OFFICE   (DAASO).—   DAASO   will transmit  an  individual  service  message  to  each MOV  customer  who  was  sent  MOV  documents. The  DAASO  message  will  cite  the  routing identifier  code  (RIC)  of  the  ICP  originating  the MOV  documents;  the  applicable  DAAS  method of  transmission  and  dates;  and  the  instructions to  be  followed  in  the  event  that  MOV  data  are not  received  within  18  days  of  the  DAAS transmission  date.  In  addition,  DAASO  will provide  the  TYCOM  with  a  summary  message that  lists  all  MOV  recipients  under  his  or  her command. This list will cite the RIC of the ICP involved  and  the  number  of  documents. NONRECEIPT  OF  MOV  CARDS.—  Each activity   receiving   a   DAASO   message   will determine   if   the   MOV   documents   have   been received within 18 days of the transmission date cited  by  DAASO.  If  batches  are  not  received during this time frame, submit DOC ID APX to DMSO, Dayton, Ohio, to request retransmission of  individual  batches  in  the  following  format: REQUEST FOR RETRANSMISSION RECORD POSITIONS 1-3 4 - 6 7-13 1 - 29 30-35 36-39 40-80 FIELD LEGENDS Document  identifier Routing  identifier Address Cutoff date EXPLATIONS  AND INSTRUCTIONS Enter  APX. ICP/IM RIC. Batch  number  and  card count. Blank. DODAAD  code  of activity requesting re- transmission. Prescribed cutoff date of  the  validation  cycle. (One  position  for  last digit of calendar year three position Julian day.) For  retransmission  re- quests (DOC ID APX) record positions 40-80 are blank. 5-18

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