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When  available,  the  automatic  topper  press may  be  used  to  press  trouser  tops.  The  topper press eliminates the need for lays discussed above and also speeds up production. This type of press is discussed later. Trouser Legs Lays  for  pressing  trouser  legs  are  given  in figure  6-6.  The  first  step  is  to  place  the  front portion of the left leg on the buck—crotch at the large end, the inside of the leg facing upward, the seams lying on the center of the buck (see lay No. 1). Make sure that one seam rests upon the other for  the  entire  length  of  the  leg.  Apply  steam  to soften the material and straighten the knee. Lay the left leg, as shown in lay No. 2, on the front of the buck so that the front crease is in the center of the buck and the top of the trouser is at the large end of the buck in a line with the second or  third  button  of  the  fly  (or,  if  zippered,  2  or  3 inches from the bottom) in position so the crease will extend upward as far as possible. In lay No. 3, move the trouser leg to the rear of the  buck  so  that  the  back  crease  is  lying  on  the center  of  the  buck.  The  leg  should  be  placed  so that at least 4 inches of the seat will be creased. Extend  the  crease  as  high  as  possible  without wrinkling the crotch. Lay  Nos.  4  (right  leg,  front  portion),  5  (right leg front crease), and 6 (right leg rear crease) are substantially the same as lays 1, 2, and 3 of figure 6-6. Uniform Coats Check figure 6-7 (lays 1 through 6) and figure 6-8  (lays  7,  11,  and  13)  for  the  lays  used  in pressing uniforms coats. Place the left side of the coat  collar  and  the  left  lapel  on  the  rear  of  the large end of the buck and press  as  shown  in  lay No.  1.  This  operation  shrinks  the  collar  at  the gorge  seam,  restoring  the  shape  of  the  garment where  it  tends  to  stretch,  from  the  seam  at  the shoulder down to about 5 inches below the gorge seam. Lay No. 2 is similar to lay No. 1 except that the right side of the collar and the right lapel are pressed.  Make  this  lay  on  the  front  of  the  large end of the buck. Lay Nos. 1 and 2 serve to restore the balance of the coat so that the left front and right front hang evenly. After  creasing  the  two  sides  of  the  collar, place the collar on the large end of the buch (see lay No. 3) so that the center is on the center line of the buck.   In most cases the collar is stretched while 119.36 Figure 6-6.—Lays for pressing trouser legs. 6-11

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