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and  the  individual  reports  the  circumstances  in writing  to  his  or  her  appropriate  supervisor  as soon  as  possible. (11)   Attendance   at   promotional   vendor training   sessions   when   the   vendor’s   products or  systems  are  provided  under  contract  to DOD  and  the  training  is  to  facilitate  the use   of   those   products   or   systems   by   naval personnel. (12)   Attendance   or   participation   of   naval personnel  in  gatherings,  including  social  events such  as  receptions,  that  are  hosted  by  foreign governments   or   international   organizations, provided that the acceptance of the invitation is approved  by  the  commanding  officer  or  other head of the activity to which the invitee is attached or,  when  there  is  doubt  as  to  the  propriety  of acceptance, by   higher   authority.   (See SECNAVINST   1650.1   for   further   informa- tion   pertaining   to   gifts   from   foreign   govern- ments.) (13)  Customary  exchanges  of  gratuities between  naval  personnel  and  their  friends  and relatives  or  the  friends  and  relatives  of  their spouses,  minor  children,  or  members  of  their household where the circumstances make it clear that it is that relationship rather than the business of  the  persons  concerned  that  is  the  motivating factor for the gratuity and where it is clear that the  gratuity  is  not  paid  for  by  any  entity. (14)  Situations  in  which,  in  the  sound judgment  of  the  individual  concerned  or  his  or her  superior,  the  government’s  interest  will  be served   by   naval   personnel   participating   in activities otherwise prohibited. In any such case, a  written  report  of  the  circumstances  must  be made by the individual or his or her appropriate supervisor in advance of acceptance or, when an advance  report  is  not  possible,  within  48  hours after  acceptance,  to  the  appropriate  supervisor, if  he  or  she  is  not  otherwise  aware  of  the acceptance,  and  to  the  appropriate  standards  of conduct  counselor  or  deputy  counselor. Naval  personnel  who  receive  gratuities,  or have  gratuities  received  for  them  in  circumstances not  in  conformance  with  the  standards  of  this section, must promptly report the circumstances to the appropriate supervisor for a determination as  to  the  proper  disposition.  The  appropriate supervisor  must  consult  with  the  standards  of conduct   counselor   or   deputy   counselor. Procedures  with  respect  to  recruit  officer  training command (ROTC) staff members are set forth in DOD  Directive  1215.8. AII-6 Receipts in Connection with Official Travel The   acceptance   of   accommodations, subsistence,  or  services,  furnished  in  kind,  in connection with official travel from sources other than  those  prohibited  from  our  previous discussion is authorized only when the individual is  to  be  a  speaker,  panelist,  project  officer,  or other bona fide participant in the activity attended and  when  such  attendance  and  acceptance  is authorized  by  the  order-issuing  authority  as  being in  the  overall  government  interest. Except as noted above, naval personnel may not   accept   personal   reimbursement   from   any source  for  expenses  incident  to  official  travel, unless authorized by their commanding officer or the head of their activity, consistent with guidance by  the  appropriate  standards  of  conduct  counselor (pursuant  to  5  USC  4111  or  other  authority). Rather,  reimbursement  must  be  made  to  the government by check payable to the Treasurer of the United States. Personnel will be reimbursed by  the  government  according  to  regulations related to reimbursement. In no case may naval personnel  accept  reimbursement,  either  in  kind or  in  cash,  that  is  extravagant  or  excessive  in nature. When   accommodations,   subsistence,   or services in kind are furnished to naval personnel by  nongovernment  sources,  appropriate  deduc- tions must be reported and made in the travel per diem,  or  other  allowance  payable. Prohibitions of Contributions or Presents  to  Superiors Naval personnel must not solicit a contribution from other DOD personnel for a gift to an official superior, make a donation or a gift to an official superior,   or   accept   a   gift   from   other   DOD personnel  subordinate  to  themselves.  This requirement, however, does not prohibit gifts or contributions   of   nominal   value   on   special occasions, such as marriage, illness, transfer, or retirement,  provided  any  gifts  acquired  with  such contributions do not exceed a reasonable value. Use of Government Facilities, Property,  and  Manpower Naval personnel must not directly or indirectly use, take, dispose of, or allow the use, taking, or disposing of, government property leased to the government,  for  other  than  officially  approved

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