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neither be dry or stagnant nor have a stale musty odor.  Most  barbershops  are  air-conditioned  so you can easily control the atmosphere within the shop. The temperature of the shop should be kept at  about  70°F.  Do  not  allow  the  temperature  to get  too  cold  or  too  hot. You  should  always  check  your  lighting  to  be sure there are no burned-out light bulbs and the lighting  is  sufficient  to  prevent  undue  strain  on your   eyes.   The   bulkheads,   deck,   and   all   flat surfaces need to be kept clean of all hair and dirt. The barbershop should be equipped with a sink, having hot and cold running water. The barber- shop  should  never  be  used  for  lounging,  eating, or sleeping. A ship having 101 to 300 personnel should have one barber chair with one additional chair  for  each  300  personnel.  Barbershops  with more than one chair should have the chairs spaced 4 1/2 to 5 feet apart to allow ample room for each barber.  Ships  with  less  than  100  personnel  should have  portable  barbershop  utensils  stored  in  a locker.  On  ships  carrying  troops,  if  two  or  more barber  chairs  are  required  for  the  troops,  a separate  troop  barbershop  should  be  provided. PERSONAL  HYGIENE Although  personal  hygiene  is  a  subject  most people  would  choose  to  keep  private,  in  the shipboard  barbershop  poor  personal  hygiene  is something  that  cannot  be  tolerated. As a barber you should take pride in the way you  look.  Pay  close  attention  to  correct  posture and  neatness  and  do  the  following: Shower  daily. Use  deodorant. Clean  and  brush  teeth  regularly  after meals. Use  mouthwash. Shave daily. Keep  your  moustache  trimmed  properly. Keep  hair  trimmed  and  neatly  combed. Keep nails cut and clean. Keep shoes shined. Wear pants that are clean, without holes, and pressed. If  you  do  not  follow  the  previous  traits,  you should try to conform to them. Personal traits are sometimes hard to change, but after you get into a  routine,  it  will  be  easier. Posture is another factor involving your per- sonal  appearance.  Most  barbers  do  not  realize  the benefits  of  good  posture.  Good  posture  not  only makes you look better, it builds good health and allows   the   inner   organs   to   function   properly. Standing  erect  improves  your  speech  by  freeing the  power  source  of  your  voice,  the  diaphragm. Standing for 8 hours at a time puts extra stress on your body. You will find yourself feeling better after  a  long  day  when  you  stand  correctly.  The following rules should be followed when standing in  the  barbershop: Carry  your  body  weight  on  the  balls  of your  feet. Keep  your  shoulders  back. Hold your stomach in, even if you are not overweight;  poor  posture  can  give  you  a potbelly. Hold  your  head  high  and  straight. Good posture will eventually prevent aching in the neck, shoulders, lower back, and feet, and will  make  your  entire  day  go  easier. BARBERSHOP  SANITATION The  main  purpose  of  barbershop  sanitation is  to  prevent  the  spread  of  infectious  diseases. Since rendering barbering service requires direct contact with the customers, skin, scalp, and hair sanitation  cannot  be  overemphasized.  Barber- shops should be inspected a minimum of once a month by a representative of the medical depart- ment.  Before  assuming  duties  as  a  shipboard barber, you will receive a physical examination. After  the  initial  physical  examination  it  will  be repeated  on  an  annual  basis. BACTERIA Since  the  main  purpose  of  sanitation  is  to prevent   the   spread   of   infectious   disease,   you should  familiarize  yourself  with  ways  of preventing   the   spread   of   disease.   Contagious 4-4

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