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permit access to the detailed tapes and the key that controls  the  selection  levers.  All  levers  will  be locked in the cash position except when the cash collection  agent  is  making  collections. Cash Register Tapes If  the  cash  register  you  are  using  generates tapes, two tapes will be generated. One tape will be  produced  for  the  individual  customer,  while the  detailed  tape  is  retained  in  the  register  for record   of   sales.   When   the   detailed   tape   gets close   to   running   out   a   green   streak   will appear   on   the   tape   itself.   Once   the   tape runs   out   you   will   not   be   able   to   use   the cash   register   again   until   the   ship’s   store officer  or  cash  collection  agent  changes  the tape.   The   cash   collection   agent   will   sign and   date   the   used   tape   and   turn   it   over to   the   ship’s   store   officer   for   filing   in   the Accountability File, SSA-21. The tape is eventu- ally placed in the retained returns. CHANGE  FUNDS At  the  beginning  of  each  accounting  period or when the store is reopened after being closed for over 72 hours, advance funds are provided to the  store  operator  by  the  disbursing  officer.  On ships operating multiple retail outlets, this advance may  be  made  by  the  ship’s  store  officer,  the designated  officer  assistant,  or  designated  cash collection agent. The operator must sign a Cash Receipt Certificate, NAVCOMPT Form 2114, for the funds. The funds are used as change until such time  as  sales  are  sufficient  to  provide  the  required change. The amount of the change fund is usually $50.   An   instruction   on   the   change   funds, including the amount of the change fund, will be approved  by  the  commanding  officer  and  included in   the   supply   department   instructions.   The advanced change fund is not registered on the cash register, but remains in excess of proceeds from the sales. At the close of the business day or as soon  as  possible  thereafter,  the  retail  store operator  returns  the  amount  of  funds  advanced to  the  retail  store  before  reading  the  cash  register. At this time, the receipt originally given for the funds is destroyed. Advanced change funds may remain in the cash register overnight only when the day’s sales have not produced sufficient cash to provide change for business the following day. On  special  occasions  such  as  paydays,  when  a greater   amount   is   required   temporarily   for change, an extra amount may be entrusted to the retail store operator upon presentation of his or her  receipt.  Such  extra  amounts  must  be  specified in the instructions of the commanding officer to the  ship’s  store  officer. CASH   TRANSACTIONS All sales in the ship’s store are made on a cash basis  and  United  States  currency  is  the  only currency acceptable. In addition to U.S. currency, the  customer  has  the  option  of  using  either  a personal  check  or  traveler’s  check.  The  ship’s store  as  a  matter  of  necessity  must  impose  certain conditions on accepting these documents instead of  cash. PERSONAL  AND  TRAVELER’S CHECKS The most widely used alternative to cash is the personal  check.  You  can  accept  personal  checks only from active duty or active duty for training personnel for the amount of purchase only. Two- party checks are not acceptable. Personal checks must  be  on  a  United  States  account,  stated  in terms  of  United  States  currency,  inscribed  with the printed name of the purchaser and magnetic ink bank account number, and made payable to USS___________. The   customer’s   signature should include his or her first name, middle initial, if any, and last name. Make sure his or her current duty station and social security number are written on  the  back  of  the  check.  The  store  operator should   politely   ask   for   the   customer’s   armed forces   identification   card   and   verify   the purchaser’s signature and social security number on  the  check  with  what  is  on  the  identification card. Make sure the date on the check is correct and the amount written agrees with the amount shown  in  numbers.  Checking  the  basic  informa- tion  on  the  check  will  prevent  the  check  from being   returned   because   it   was   not   filled   out correctly. Another  alternative  to  cash  is  the  traveler’s check.  Customers  may  use  traveler’s  checks  in amounts up to $5 over purchase. Make sure the customer  endorses  the  traveler’s  check  in  your presence.  Ask  for  the  customer’s  armed  forces 2-13

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