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7-7. What is the maximum amount of work  you  should  receive  in  the dry-cleaning  plant  daily  when operating  under  normal conditions? 1. The amount of work that can be completed in 1 workday 2. 2 days’ work 3. 3 days’ work 4. 1 week’s work 7-8. To  eliminate  delays  in processing   dry-cleaning articles,  what  action  is required  of  each  division  in regard to the delivery of dry-cleaning   articles? 1. Set  a  required  delivery time 2. Have the dry cleaning delivered  in  separate laundry net bags 3. Have  divisional  laundry delivered  twice  daily 4. Have  divisional  laundry delivered  every  day 7-9. What  is  a  difference  between methods A and B for receiving and  identifying  dry-cleaning articles? 1. The  customer  fills  out  the dry-cleaning  list  in  A;  the receiving clerk in B 2. The  receiving  clerk  tags the articles in B; no tagging is done in A 3. The  receiving  clerk  fills out  the  dry-cleaning  list in B; the customer in A 4. The  customer  tags  each article in A; no tagging is done in B 2. 7-10. To help save time and work and prevent  the  possibility  of misplacing  items  of  clothing, which  of  the  following  actions should  dry-cleaning  personnel take? 1. Train each other in only one phase of the dry-cleaning   operation 2. Receive and issue dry-cleaning  articles  in  a space other than the assembly  room 3. Use  a  dry-cleaning  list 4. Process  one  individual’s bundle at a time 7-11. Occasionally,   uniform accessories are left on the dry-cleaning  articles  sent  to the  dry-cleaning  plant. During what portion of the dry-cleaning  process  will these  accessories  be  removed? 1. Classification 2. Receipt 3. Inspection 4. Marking 7-12. What should be done with foreign objects found in the pockets  of  articles  sent  for dry-cleaning? 1. Give them to the immediate supervisor 2. Notify the customer to pick them up 3. Put them in an envelope and staple the envelope to the dry-cleaning  list 4. Remove them but put then back in the pocket before returning  the  uniform article  to  the  customer 7-13. When  classifying  articles  for dry cleaning, which of the following  factors  should  you give  the  most  consideration? 1. The age of the article 2. The weight of the material 3. The color and lint quality 4. The size of the article 7-14. How  many  pounds  of  dry-cleaning work should be cleaned for each gallon  of  dry-cleaning  solvent? 1. 200 pounds 350 pounds 3. 400 pounds 4. 450 pounds Learning  Objective: Identify the procedures for safe use and handling  of  dry-cleaning solvent. 7-15. The safe handling and use of dry-cleaning  solvents  are described in which of the following  instructions? 1. BUMEDINST  6260.12A 2. NAVRESSOINST  4067.4 3. OPNAVINST  3120.32 4. OPNAVINST  5100.20 60

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