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6-61. What  general  maintenance  should you  perform  on  the  laundry press  every  morning  before  you begin  to  press  uniform  items? 1. Clean the press 2. Change the pad and covers 3. Do  a  hydrostatic  test 4. Wax the press head 6-62. What  is  the  primary  purpose using  press  head  mitts  when clean  the  press  heads? of you 1. To scrub the dirt off the press  head 2. To  apply  press  head  cleaner 3. To protect your hands from being burned by the press head 4. To apply press head wax MATERIALS  USED  TO  PAD  THE BUCK OF THE LAUNDRY PRESS A. Flannel  pads B. Steel wool pad C. Press  cover Figure  6B IN  ANSWERING  QUESTION  6-63, REFER  TO  FIGURE  6B  WHICH  LISTS THE MATERIALS THAT ARE USED TO PAD THE BUCK OF A LAUNDRY PRESS, BUT NOT NECESSARILY  IN  THE  ORDER  GIVEN. 6-63. In what sequence should the materials  be  applied  to  the buck of the press? 1. A, B, C 2. B, A, C 3. B, C, A 4. C, B, A 6-64. How do you change the flannel layers on the press? 1. Change both the top and bottom  layers  weekly 2. Change one layer a week putting the new layer on the top 3. Change one layer a week putting  the  new  layer  on the  bottom 4. Change one layer every 2 weeks  putting  the  new  layer on  the  bottom 6-65. How pad 1. 2. 3. 4. often should the steel wool be changed? Annually Every 6 months Monthly Weekly Learning  Objective: Determine the  procedures  required  to issue and assemble finished laundry. 6-66. Where  should  the  individual laundry  ticket,  NAVSUP  Form 233, be placed before the individual  lots  are  received into the assembly area? 1. In the press deck log 2. Inside the appropriate net bag 3. In the assembly bin in alphabetical  order 4. In a drawer in the assembly area  for  safekeeping  until the individual bags are received 6-67. Where  should  the  individual laundry list, NAVSUP Form 233, be  placed  after  articles  from an individual lot have been checked  in  and  verified  after being  cleaned  and  pressed? 1. Attached  to  each  individual laundry bag with a laundry pin 2. Attached to one of the khaki shirts or trousers with a staple gun 3. Retained in the ship’s laundry for record 4. Attached to the suit wrapper  covering  the  press work belonging to that lot with glue or tape 6-68. An  individual  lot  of  laundry should be checked for which of the  following  conditions  before it is returned to the owner? 1. Cleanliness 2. Stains  and  blemishes 3. Proper creasing and smoothness 4. All of the above 57

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