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2-16. Shower shoes do not lend themselves  to  individual  price marking. Where  should  the price  for  shower  shoes  be displayed  so  the  customer  knows how much they cost? 1. On a price list posted in the  ship’s  store  office 2. On a piece of paper located near  the  cash  register 3. No price needs to be displayed  if  the  retail store operator has a copy of the price list 4. On the bin or shelf holding the shower shoes by use of a sign, price list, or shelf  label 2-17. What  price  marking  system should  the  retail  store operator  use  to  display  prices on items located in the retail store? 1. Price marker or price tags 2. Grease  pencil 3. Crayons 4. Each of the above 2-18. Prices  displayed  on  merchandise in the retail store should only be changed by the operator on the authority of a Retail Price Change, NAVSUP Form 983, approved  by  what  officer? 1. Ship’s  store  officer 2. Supply  officer 3. Disbursing  officer 4. Commanding  officer Learning  Objective: Determine the  procedures  for  using  the cash register in the sales outlet. 2-19. Which  of  the  following individuals  is/are  allowed access to the cash register in the retail store for ringing up sales? 1. The  ship’s  store  officer 2. The  designated  cash collection  agent 3. The  retail  store  operator 4. All of the above 2-20. When, if ever, may the cash register in the sales outlet be installed in an area where the customer does not have a view of the amount rung up? 1. When the cash register is installed in a walk-in store 2. When  making  sales  directly from the bulk storeroom 3. When  the  cash  register provides  the  customer  with an itemized receipt 4. Never 2-21. The cash register keys will be in the custody of which of the following  individuals? 1. The  leading  petty  officer 2. The  sales  outlet  operator 3. The  person  making collections 4. The  agent  cashier 2-22. What  action  should  the  sales outlet  operator  take  when  the retained cash register tape in the cash register has run out? 1. Continue  using  the  register until the end of the day 2, Remove the detailed tape so it will not jam and continue ringing up sales until  cash  collections  are made 3. Remove the tape and install a new register tape provided by the ship’s store  officer 4. Contact the ship’s store officer  or  designated  cash collection agent and have the tape changed before ringing up any additional sales 2-23. When arranging money in a drawer with less than five compartments,  where  should  you place  the  personal  checks? 1. Underneath  the  twenties 2. Under the cash tray 3. In a drawer next to the twenties not being used 4. Underneath the ones 12

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