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1-26. When  available  from  supply, which  of  the  following  items should  be  installed  on  doors leading to Group III spaces in addition  to  dead  bolt  locks? 1. Keyless  combination  locks 2. Key-type  padlock 3. Key-type  lock  with high-security   shackle 4. Key-type lock used in conjunction  with  a  numbered car seal 1-27. When  installing  hasps  on  doors leading to Group III spaces, what should you use to secure the hasp to the door? 1. Screws 2. Pop rivets 3. Tamperproof  bolts 4. Nails 1-28. What action, if any, should be taken for exposed hinge pins on hasps  installed  on  doors leading to Group III spaces? 1. Make a note of the problem to the ship’s security patrol and have the space checked  more  often 2. Use  an  additional  hasp  with the  appropriate  lock 3. Tack weld the hinge pins to prevent  removal 4. None 2. 1-29. After  the  custodian  of  the Group  III  space  changes  the combination of the lock that secures the space, the new combination  is  sealed  in  an envelope  and  turned  over  to what  holding  individual? 1. The leading Ship’s Serviceman 2. The ship’s store officer 3. The  supply  officer 4. The  security  manager 1-30. For  security,  duplicate  keys  to Group III spaces are placed in a  sealed  envelope,  signed  and dated across the flaps by the ship’s  store  officer  and  the responsible  custodian,  and placed in the ship’s store officer’s safe. 1-31. The inside perimeter of the removable sales windows to the retail store is secured by using  what  securing  device(s)? 1. A car seal 2. Bars 3. Slip locks 4. Key locks 1-32. What  additional  security measure  should  the  custodian  of the bulk storeroom take when the contents of the bulk storeroom are visible from the outside? 1. Keep all high-cost, small-cube  items  out  of sight or break them out to the retail store 2. Make sure adjacent passageways  are  well lighted 3. Make  sure  security  watches check the bulk storeroom at varying  intervals 4. Each of the above 1-33. Group III spaces should not be reentered  after  working  hours by  the  responsible  custodian unless  circumstances  warrant  it and final approval is obtained from what individual, if any? 1. Ship’s  store  officer Duty supply officer 3. Leading  Ship’s  Serviceman 4. None 1-34. Merchandise  exceeding  what retail value should NOT be left in the display windows of the retail store after working hours? 1. $50 2. $40 3. $35 4. $25 1-35. The key or combination to the padlock  securing  the  coin  box in the vending machine is kept by which of the following individuals? 1. Ship’s store officer 2. Supply  officer 3. Vending  machine  operator 4. Commanding  officer 1. True 2. False 4

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