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Page Title: Preparing for Inventory
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When   directed   by   the   Navy   Resale   and Services  Support  Office  (NAVRESSO)  and  with the   type   commander’s   approval,   an   itemized inventory is taken monthly for ships with excessive inventory   differences. An   inventory   is   taken   at   any   time   when directed   by   the   type   commander   (TYCOM), commanding   officer   (CO),   supply   officer,   or ship’s  store  officer. PREPARING  FOR  INVENTORY The  ship’s  store  officer  must  make  sure  the inventory  personnel  are  assigned  and  are  familiar with local inventory procedures, layout sketches are prepared for spaces being inventoried, stock is arranged, and entries on the ship’s store records are  up  to  date. Assigning  Personnel The  ship’s  store  officer  is  responsible  for  a complete  and  accurate  inventory.  A  two-count system  is  used  with  two  inventory  teams  counting all  material.  Normally  there  are  two  persons  to an inventory team, a counter and a recorder. But if  sufficient  personnel  are  not  available,  inventory teams may be made up of one person. The office recordskeeper  will  never  serve  on  an  inventory team.  Teams  are  made  up  as  follows: First  count  team—Either  the  ship’s  store officer  or  other  commissioned  officer  and  one enlisted person Second count team—An enlisted person in a  supply  rating  E-6  and  above  and  one  other enlisted person Monthly price line or itemized inventories of self-service  stores  or  sales  outlets  operated  by more  than  one  person  can  be  conducted  by  a qualified  senior  enlisted  person  in  the  supply rating E-6 or above with the TYCOM’s approval. On large ships with several sales outlets and bulk   storerooms,   inventory   may   be   taken   by multiple   inventory   teams   with   the   TYCOM’s approval.   The   number   of   inventory   teams   is determined   by   the   ship’s   store   officer.   The two-count system is used with multiple inventory teams,  and  each  sales  outlet  or  bulk  storeroom is counted by two teams. The ship’s store officer supervises the teams, which are made up of one enlisted person in the supply rating E-6 or above and  one  other  enlisted  person. Local Instructions Since each ship’s store differs in size, volume, layout,  and  so  forth,  it  is  necessary  to  prepare specific  instructions  covering  inventory  procedures for each ship based on the instructions contained in the Ship’s Store Afloat,  NAVSUP P-487. Once prepared,  these  instructions  are  distributed  to  all personnel before the inventory. The instructions cover  such  subjects  as  assignment  of  personnel, cutoff   times,   stock   arrangements,   counting, recording, and extending. The ship’s store officer is  required  to  schedule  training  periods  when needed,  to  make  sure  inventory  procedures  are understood  by  all  personnel. Layout Sketch The purpose of a layout sketch is to make sure an accurate but speedy inventory is done. Layout sketches of the sales outlets and bulk storerooms are  prepared  by  the  ship’s  store  officer  in  advance of  the  inventory.  The  layout  sketches  include  each bin, shelf, and showcase, identified by a number as shown in figure 6-1. If the space is large, it may be broken down into sections and a layout sketch prepared for each section. A number identical to the one entered on the layout sketch is attached to the corresponding fixture located in the space. Arranging Stock To   make   counting   faster   and   easier,   all merchandise  in  the  sales  outlet  or  bulk  store- room   is   sorted   and   consolidated   by   identical merchandise  and  price  line.  Empty  cartons,  except those   used   for   packaging   of   merchandise   on display,  must  be  removed  from  the  sales  outlet or  bulk  storeroom  so  they  won’t  be  included  in the inventory. The contents of cases, boxes, and containers from which items have been removed must be counted. The markings on the outside of a  previously  opened  case  are  not  used  as  your count  under  any  circumstances. Entries on Records Before the inventory, the office recordskeeper must post all receipt, expenditure, and intrastore transfer  documents  to  the  ship’s  store  records. This  includes  the  Stock  Record,  NAVSUP  Form 464; the Journal of Receipts’ NAVSUP Form 977; the  Journal  of  Expenditures,  NAVSUP  Form  978; and  the  Ship’s  Store  Afloat  Financial  Control Record,  NAVSUP  Form  235,  when  it  applies. 6-2

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