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Page Title: Frequency of Collections
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you  have  either  a  shortage  or  overage.  ROM  users will  enter  cash  collections  in  the  cash  receipts function daily, or as soon as possible thereafter. The  cash  receipt  function  on  the  ROM  can  be accessed  from  the  ROM  master  menu  by  selecting function 8 and depressing the Enter/Return key. FREQUENCY  OF  COLLECTIONS Sales outlets that operate more than one shift must have all cash and change funds collected at the  end  of  each  shift.  In  addition,  all  cash including  change  funds  must  be  collected  from  the sales  outlets  at  the  following  times: At  the  end  of  each  accounting  period Upon  relief  of  the  ship’s  store  officer Upon  relief  of  the  sales  outlet  operator Whenever  the  sales  outlet  will  be  closed  for 72  hours  or  more Vending Machines and Amusement Machines Cash   from   the   vending   and   amusement machines is collected daily in port or at sea and before making repairs to the coin mechanism or the machine. Since the vending and amusement machines  are  in  operation  24  hours  a  day,  the collections can be made any time during the day. As collection agent, you should carefully schedule vending machine collections at a time during the day that suits both you and the vending machine operator. On weekends or holidays in port, cash from the vending or amusement machines will be collected if the volume of business exceeds $150, and   before   making   any   repairs   to   the   coin mechanism  or  the  machine.  Cash  will  also  be collected on a weekend or holiday when the last business  day  of  the  accounting  period  falls  on  that day. ROM users will enter cash collections from amusement  machines  in  the  ROM  amusement machine  function  daily,  or  as  soon  as  possible thereafter.   Cash   collections   for   soda   vending machines  will  be  entered  in  the  cash  receipt function  of  the  ROM  daily. Dollar Bill Changer In  port  or  at  sea  the  dollar  bill  changer  is emptied  and  refilled  daily  and  before  making repairs to the machine. Overnight the amount of cash left in the dollar bill changer must not exceed $150 for ships with a complement of less than 700 crew   members   and   $400   for   ships   with   a complement  of  over  700  crew  members. METHODS  OF  COLLECTING  CASH As  discussed  earlier,  cash  is  collected  in  the sales outlet at the end of each business day. As the   collection   agent   on   a   ship   with   several activities,  it  may  be  impractical  for  you  to  go around  to  each  sales  outlet  at  the  close  of  each business   day   to   make   collections.   Some   sales outlets are operated on shifts, open after normal working  hours,  or  on  weekends,  which  would make  it  difficult  for  the  cash  collection  agent  to make collections. To make the whole situation a little  more  practical,  you,  as  the  cash  collection agent,  can  do  the  following: Have the sales outlet operator deliver the cash. Use  moneybags  for  sales  outlets. Use   locked   money   boxes   for   vending machines. Use  a  night  depository  safe. Delivery by the Sales Outlet Operator When it is impractical for you to collect cash, you may have the sales outlet operator deliver all cash   from   sales,   including   Overring/Refund Vouchers, NAVSUP Form 972, at the end of the business day. You must still take register readings when you use this procedure. Readings should be taken   a   minimum   of   twice   weekly   on   an unscheduled   basis   on   cash   registers,   vending machine meters, cash totalizers, and amusement machine  meters. Moneybags It  may  be  impractical  for  you  to  collect  cash after  working  hours  or  on  weekends,  especially in  port.  In  this  case  you  may  use  moneybags  to collect all cash and change funds in the register. Issue   the   moneybags   to   the   sales   outlet operator. At the time of issue, log the moneybag out using a locally developed log. The log should include  the  date  and  time  and  columns  for  the signature of the person receiving and issuing the moneybag. Every moneybag is numbered on the out  side  for  identification  purposes. 3-7

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