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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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2-6. In ROM procedures, what portion(s)  of  the  original NAVSUP Form 973 used to request items is/are filed in file SSA-2? 1. The  duplicate 2. The  triplicate 3. The  quadruplicate 4. All of the above 2-7. In ROM procedures, what portion of the NAVSUP Form 973 used to request  items  is  compared  to the original of the final NAVSUP Form 973? 1. Original 2. Duplicate 3. Triplicate 4. Quadruplicate Learning  Objective: Determine the  procedures  used  in maintaining  the  journal  of receipts and the journal of expenditures  files. 2-8. What is the primary purpose of the  Journal  of  Receipts,  NAVSUP Form 977? 1. Provides  an  accumulated record of all breakouts at retail  price 2. Provides  an  accumulated record  of  all  expenditures at cost price 3. Provides a number control for all receipt and expenditure   documents 4. Provides  an  accumulated record of all receipts at cost price 2-9. At what time or event will the ship’s  store  recordskeeper begin a new Journal of Receipts,  NAVSUP  Form  977? 1. At the end of the fiscal year 2. Each time a transmittal of receipt  documents  is submitted to the appropriate  FAADC 3. On the first day of each new  accounting  period 4. At the end of each month 2-10. In what column on the NAVSUP Form 977 will you enter the total cost value of ship’s store  inventory  (excluding standard  Navy  clothing inventory)  brought  forward  from the  previous  accounting  period? 1. Other  Sources,  Clothing 2. Other Supply Officer, Ship’s  Store 3. Purchases,  Ship’s  Store 4. Other  Sources,  Ship’s  Store 2-11. The  assignment  of  receipt numbers from the NAVSUP Form 977 will begin with the number 1 at what time? 1. At the start of each month 2. Each time a new page is started on the NAVSUP Form 977 3. On the first day of each new year 4. On the first day of each new  accounting  period 2-12. You received some laundry supplies  from  another  supply officer. In what column of the NAVSUP Form 977 will the total dollar value of the receipt at cost be entered? 1. Other  Supply  Officer  under the heading Ship’s Store 2. Purchases under the heading Ship’s Store 3. Other Sources under the heading Ship’s Store 4. Other  Supply  Officer  under the heading Clothing 2-13. At what interval is the ship’s store officer required to forward one legible copy of each receipt document to the appropriate FAADC under a letter  of  transmittal? 1. Each fiscal year 2. Each accounting period 3. Monthly 4. Quarterly 10

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