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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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1-10. 1-11. 1-12. 1-13. 1-14. 1-15. The  ROM  system  security  access list is a-record of all ship’s store personnel that do not have access to the ROM system. 1. True 2. False How often does the ship’s store officer review the ROM system security  access  list? 1. Daily 2. Weekly 3. Monthly 4. Annually The ROM system operates on which  of  the  following microcomputers? 1. Apple II 2. Zenith  Z-248 3. Honeywell  AP  microcomputer 4. Both 2 and 3 above What keys on the RON system computer  are  used  to  activate ROM  functions? 1. F keys 2. Directional  arrow  keys 3. Home keys 4. Cursor  movement  keys What is the purpose of the disk drives  on  the  ROM  computer? 1. To power the computer in case of power failure 2. To  transfer  information into and out of computer memory 3. To  display  and  explain information  entered  on  the ROM  computer  display  screen 4. To power the printer when used The ROM system stores all resale  operation  data  on  how many  files? 1. 17 2. 24 3. 33 4. 48 1-16. When will the ROM system check for the most recent backup date? 1. Once a week, usually on Monday 2. After the ROM master menu appears on the screen 3. After the user’s ID and password  information  are entered 4. When the ROM system is turned on in the morning 1-17. What is the maximum time the ROM system will allow you to operate it without performing a backup? 1. 1 day 2. 1  week 3. 3 days 4. 30 days 1-18. When an error is found during system  initialization,  what action will the ROM user take? 1. Refer to the appropriate backup and restore procedures contained in the ROM TUG 2. Recheck the password and ID entered 3. Change the disk drive 4. Enter the word ship and then Y to straighten the heads 1-19. ROM users must have which of the following information before the ROM system will allow them access to a particular  function? 1. Three-position  user’s  ID 2. Six-position  password 3. Assigned access to that particular  function 4. All of the above Learning  Objective:  Identify practices  and  procedures  used in operating the ROM system. 2

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