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Page Title: Accounting for Cash Collected
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3.  Number  of  the  car  seal  installed  over  the money  box  opening 4.  Meter  reading  or  number  of  units  sold 5. Columns for signature of vending machine operator  and  duty  supply  officer  or  other commissioned    officer The duty officer maintains the log. Each time a  money  box  is  received  or  delivered,  an  entry  will be logged and signed by both persons. The next workday the cash will be collected and compared to  the  meter  reading  or  computation  of  units  sold. ACCOUNTING  FOR  CASH COLLECTED All  cash  collected  from  the  sales  outlets  will be accurately recorded, for accounting purposes. The  NAVSUP  Forms  470  and  469  are  used  for this  purpose. CASH  RECEIPT  BOOK, NAVSUP  FORM  470 The Cash Receipt Book, NAVSUP Form 470, is issued to each sales outlet operator. It is kept in the sales outlet operator’s possession and one separate  NAVSUP  Form  470  is  issued  for  each sales  outlet,  In  the  case  of  vending  machines,  if more  than  one  machine  is  operated,  a  separate page  will  be  used  for  each  machine.  Each  page will clearly identify which machine it is used for. The   Cash   Receipt   Book,   NAVSUP   Form   470, should  be  continued  whenever  changing  sales outlet  operators,  cash  collection  agent,  ship’s  store officers,   or   disbursing   officers. The person making collections receipts for all cash   and   overring/refund   vouchers   in   the NAVSUP  Form  470.  The  ship’s  store  officer  will compare  amounts  entered  on  the  ROM  with amounts   entered   on   the   Cash   Receipt   Book, NAVSUP Form 470, once a week and review the cash  receipt  book  daily  or  at  least  twice  weekly when   the   cash   collection   agent   is   making collections.  Therefore,  as  collection  agent,  you should   make   sure   the   sales   outlet   operator properly maintains the cash receipt book. Figure 3-3 illustrates a properly maintained cash receipt book.  Refer  to  letters  A  through   E  in   the illustration.  A  properly  maintained  cash  receipt book should show the date and amount collected both  in  words  and  figures  and  be  signed  by  the person  making  collections  and  the  sales  outlet operator  (A).  If  the  sales  outlet  is  closed  for  a period in excess of 72 hours, an entry should be made  in  the  cash  receipt  book  (B).  Refunds  will be recorded for information purposes. The words refund/overring should be written in the Amount in Figures column to make sure it is not totaled at the end of the month (C). The amount of the overring/refund voucher will not be added to the total  collection  figure  for  the  month.  Any  errors made in the cash receipt book should be lined out completely and initialed by both the sales outlet operator  and  the  cash  collection  agent  and  the entire entry rewritten on the next line (D). Line out the remaining lines after the last entry, and write the words No  Further Entries This Page  to indicate that no more entries will be made on that page  (E). At  the  end  of  the  month  the  Cash  Receipt Book,  NAVSUP  Form  470,  will  be  closed  out. The  total  amount  indicated  in  the  cash  receipt book must agree with the total amount indicated in the Cash Register Record, NAVSUP Form 469, and the total cash collections entered on the ROM. CASH  REGISTER  RECORD, NAVSUP  FORM  469 The  Cash  Register  Record,  NAVSUP  Form 469, is kept in the custody of the person making collections.  A  separate  cash  register  record  is  used for each sales outlet. At the end of each business day,   all   cash   collected   from   sales   including overring/refund vouchers is recorded in the cash register record. In addition, the Overring/Refund Voucher,  NAVSUP  Form  972,  will  be  attached to the applicable page of the cash register record. ROM users will enter amounts collected from each sales outlet daily in the ROM cash receipts function,  or  as  soon  as  possible  thereafter.  The ship’s store officer will compare amounts entered on  the  ROM  with  the  amounts  entered  on  the NAVSUP  Form  469  once  a  week. Figure 3-4 illustrates the NAVSUP Form 469. The  following  entries  should  be  made  on  the NAVSUP   Form   469: Date Register  reading   Actual cash in register Over/under 3-9

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