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Page Title: Procurement of Equipment and Operating Supplies
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figure 4-7). At the time of purchase, the purchase order  log  should  contain  the  date  of  the  order, the  serial  number,  the  source,  and  the  approxi- mate dollar value, as shown in figure 4-7. The logs are  helpful  only  as  long  as  postings  are  made promptly  and  accurately.  The  Amount  column will  be  extremely  helpful  to  you  when  you  need to determine the value of outstanding orders for posting to the inventory control record. Note the difference between the two date columns in figure 4-6 and 4-7. The first date represents the date of the order; that is, the date the order was placed or made. The date received column represents the date the stock was actually received by your ship. The  logs  will  also  assist  you  in  checking  out- standing   and   completed   orders.   Consult   your NAVSUP P-487 for additional examples of these important  logs. PROCUREMENT  OF  EQUIPMENT AND  OPERATING  SUPPLIES As a senior Ship’s Serviceman, you will be in- volved   in   the   procurement   of   equipment   and operating  supplies.  Each  of  these  areas  is  outlined in  your  Ship’s  Serviceman  3  &  2.  You  can  also find   detailed   instructions   for   procurement   of ship’s store equipment and supplies in the NAV- SUP P-487. The following sections are presented only  as  an  overview. MAJOR  EQUIPMENT The equipment that may be required aboard ship for the resale and service activities is classified according  to  value  as  either  major  or  minor  equip- ment. Major equipment has a value greater than $100. One group of major equipment includes all major  laundry  equipment,  barber  chairs,  cash registers, and similar items. These are allowance list items. They are controlled by the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and funded by the ship’s OPTAR. Ship’s store profits should not be used  for  these  items.  The  requisitions  for  this  type of  equipment  or  the  letter  requests  stating  that  an item  of  this  type  be  added  to  the  allowance  list should  be  forwarded  to  NAVSEA  via  the  type commander,  NAVRESSO,  and  NAVSUP. The   second   group   of   major   equipment   in- cludes  soft  ice  cream  machines,  vending  machines, popcorn   machines,   amusement   machines,   and related  items  such  as  coin  changers  and  coin counting  devices.  When  you  are  ordering  a  new machine of the second group of major equipment, you must take certain preliminary steps, First, you are  authorized  to  order  only  machines  of  the  types specified  by  your  fleet  commander.  Second,  you must request the authority from NAVSEA for the initial  installation  or  replacement  of  a  machine with  a  machine  of  a  greater  weight.  After  you receive  approval  from  NAVSEA,  you  must  send a  letter  requesting  procurement  to  NAVRESSO. You  must  make  certain  the  letter  contains  the detailed information specified in NAVSUP P-487. You should send directly to NAVRESSO any re- quests you might have for replacement machines that  weigh  the  same  or  less  than  the  original machine. The  procurement  of  machines  in  the  second group  of  major  equipment  is  funded  by  Ship’s Store Profits, Navy (17X8723). If profits are con- sidered  to  be  insufficient,  you  can  obtain  a  “no interest”   loan   from   NAVRESSO   to   offset   the costs  of  the  machine.  Normally,  you  will  be  re- quired to make loan repayments within three or five accounting periods, depending upon the size of  your  ship. MINOR   EQUIPMENT,   OPERATING SUPPLIES,  AND  SERVICES As  a  member  of  the  supply  department,  you will   be   required   to   stand   supply   department watches. To perform this duty properly, you must understand  certain  functions  of  supply  that  go beyond  your  rating  and  you  must  be  capable  of performing  these  functions.  As  the  duty  supply representative,  you  may  be  called  upon  in emergencies to perform a variety of jobs from the issuing of a repair part to the preparing of a re- quisition.  In  this  section,  the  various  methods  and sources of procurement are briefly discussed. You should  consult  your  NAVSUP  P-485  (Afloat Supply  Procedures)  and  the  current  editions  of Storekeeper  3  &  2  and  Storekeeper  1  &  C  for detailed   information. Procurement Methods There  are  three  basic  methods  by  which  a  ship may  procure  the  supplies  and  services  that  it requires. 1. 2. 3. By  submission  of  a  requisition  to  an  ashore supply  activity By submission of a requisition to another ship By purchase from a commercial contractor 4-22

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