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Page Title: Important Sources of Information for the Senior Ship's Serviceman
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time, you are probably well aware of many of the advantages—higher  pay,  greater  prestige,  more interesting  and  challenging  work,  and  the  satisfac- tion  of  getting  ahead  in  your  chosen  field. The Navy also benefits by your advancement. Highly  trained  personnel  are  essential  to  the  func- tioning  of  the  Navy.  By  each  advancement  you increase your value to the Navy in two ways. First, you become more valuable as a specialist in your own  rating.  And  second,  you  become  more valuable as a person who can supervise, lead, and train  others.  The  extent  of  your  contribution  to the  Navy  depends  upon  your  willingness  and ability   to   accept   increasingly   broader   respon- sibilities as you advance. When you assumed the duties  of  an  SH3,  you  began  to  accept  a  certain amount  of  responsibility  and  accountability  for the work of others. With each advancement, you accept an increasing responsibility in military mat- ters  and  in  matters  relating  to  the  occupational requirements  of  the  Ship’s  Serviceman  rating. As  you  advance  to  the  senior  petty  officer level, your responsibilities up and down the chain of   command   will   change.   Both   officers   and enlisted  personnel  will  expect  you  to  translate  the general  orders  given  by  officers  into  detailed, practical   on-the-job   language   that   can   be understood and followed even by relatively inex- perienced  personnel.  In  dealing  with  inexperienced people,  it  is  up  to  you  to  see  that  they  perform their work properly. At the same time, you must be able to explain to officers any important needs or  problems  of  the  enlisted  personnel.  This  means you  must  be  able  to  communicate  clearly  and effectively.   Remember,   the   goal   of   all   com- munication is understanding. To lead and super- vise  effectively,  you  must  be  able  to  speak  and write in such a way that others can understand exactly what you mean. Chapter 3 of this manual discusses  some  techniques  to  help  you  to  com- municate  clearly  and  effectively. As  a  senior  Ship’s  Serviceman,  you  will  also have  regular  and  continuing  responsibilities  for training.  Even  if  you  are  lucky  enough  to  have a group of subordinates who are highly skilled and well trained, you will find that some training will still be necessary. Some of your best workers may be   transferred,   and   inexperienced   or   poorly trained  personnel  may  be  assigned  to  you;  or,  a particular  job  may  call  for  skills  that  your  per- sonnel   do   not   have.   In   addition,   you   will   be responsible  for  training  lower  rated  Ship’s  Ser- vicemen   for   advancement,   These   and   similar situations  will  require  you  to  become  a  training specialist   who   can   conduct   various   types   of formal and informal training programs for subor- dinate  personnel. As you advance to SH1 and then to SHC, you will  find  that  many  of  your  plans  and  decisions affect  a  large  number  of  people,  some  of  whom are  not  even  in  the  supply  department.  It  becomes increasing y important, therefore, to understand the  duties  and  responsibilities  of  personnel  in other   ratings.   Petty   officers   in   the   Navy   are specialists in their own fields. Learn as much as you can about the work of other ratings, and plan your own work so that it will fit in with the overall mission  of  the  organization. As a First Class Ship’s Serviceman and even more so as a Chief Ship’s Serviceman, you must keep  yourself  informed  about  all  changes  and  new developments  that  might  affect  your  rating  or your  work.  Practically  everything  in  the  Navy— policies,    procedures,    equipment,    publications, systems—is  subject  to  change  and  development. Some  changes  will  be  called  to  your  attention,  but you  will  have  to  look  for  others.  Try  to  develop a  special  kind  of  alertness  for  new  information. Keep  up  to  date  on  all  available  sources  of technical   information. IMPORTANT  SOURCES  OF INFORMATION  FOR  THE  SENIOR SHIP’S  SERVICEMAN As  a  senior  Ship’s  Serviceman,  you  will  be regularly consulted for up-to-date information on the   military   requirements   and   occupational qualifications  of  the  Ship’s  Serviceman  rating. You will also have responsibilities for the technical leadership  that  will  be  directly  related  to  the  daily work of your organization. No single publication can  give  you  all  the  information  you  will  need. It is important for you to know whereto look for detailed, authoritative, up-to-date information on all subjects related to the occupational standards and naval requirements for advancement in the Ship’s  Serviceman  rating  and  for  the  successful performance  of  Ship’s  Serviceman  work. To prepare for your future responsibilities as a  military  leader  and  advisor  of  subordinate  naval personnel,   you   should   become   thoroughly familiar  with  the  current  military  requirements publications.  Since  references  to  these  publications are made throughout this chapter, the publications will not be discussed at this time. As a conscien- tious Ship’s Serviceman who is preparing to ad- vance to the senior petty officer level, you should take  responsibility  for  acquiring  these  publications and  for  studying  them  carefully. 1-2

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