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Page Title: Forwarding of Original Returns
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Forwarding of Original Returns For   forwarding   the   required   originals   and copies   of   your   ship’s   store   returns   to   the appropriate  FAADC,  pack  the  returns  unfolded and flat. Keep in stock the heavy corrugated fiber boxes that are designed for packaging of returns. If a box of this type is not available, use a light canvas container with sewn or waxed edges. Use wooden  boxes  only  when  your  returns  are  too heavy or bulky for the fiber boxes. On the other hand, you can use a heavy envelope if your returns are  no  larger  than  an  ordinary  letter. In addressing the packages, place the name of your  activity  in  the  upper  left  corner  of  each package.  Next,  the  name  of  the  ship’s  store officer  and  the  name  and  unit  identification code  of  the  ship  should  be  shown.  Under  this information,   the   following   statement   should appear:   “Ship’s  store  returns  for  period  ending 19 .”  If  two  or  more packages  are  used,  the  number  of  the  package  and a   brief   description   of   the   contents   should   be shown  on  the  last  line. Now  you  must  forward  the  returns  to  the appropriate  FAADC.  For  returns  weighing  13 ounces or less, use First-Class Mail. Use Military Official  Mail  (MOM)  for  returns  weighing  over 13 ounces. For service designator R, forward the returns to Fleet  Accounting  and  Disbursing  Center U.S.  Pacific  Fleet  (Code  AF3-2) 937  North  Harbor  Drive San  Diego,  CA  92132 For service designator V, forward the returns to Fleet  Accounting  and  Disbursing  Center U.S.  Atlantic  Fleet  (Code  FOFA-42) Building 132 Norfolk,   VA   23511 FORWARDING LATE DOCUMENTS.— At times, you may receive documents after you have submitted the returns for that accounting period. Any  documents  you  receive  subsequent  to  your forwarding   of   the   returns   for   the   accounting period you have just completed must also be for- warded   with   a   letter   of   transmittal   to   the appropriate  FAADC.  You  should  label  these documents  to  indicate  the  name  of  the  ship’s  store officer  who  is  rendering  the  returns,  the  ship’s store returns, the accounting period to which the documents are applicable, and the name and unit identification  code  of  the  ship.  See  your  NAV- SUP  P-487  for  detailed  instructions. ADJUSTMENT   TO   AMOUNTS   RE- PORTED   ON   PREVIOUS   SHIP’S   STORE RETURNS.—  When you must make an adjust- ment  of  receipts  because  of  estimated  receipt prices, forward  the  priced  invoice  to  the appropriate  FAADC  in  support  of  the  adjusted amount   recorded   on   the   current   Ship’s   Store Balance  Sheet  and  Profit  and  Loss  Statement (NAVCOMPT   153). FORWARDING  CORRECTIONS  TO  RE- TURNS.—   When  corrections  to  returns  are necessary after the returns have been submitted (i.e.,  an  incorrect  inventory  figure,  an  incorrect figure for receipts or markdowns below cost, etc., were reported), you must take the following steps immediately: 1.   Prepare   a   corrected   NAVCOMPT   153 reflecting  the  changes. 2.  Forward  to  the  appropriate  FAADC  the corrected NAVCOMPT Form 153 along with the substantiating documents for those captions that were  changed. FORWARDING  MERGED  RETURNS.—  As mentioned  earlier,  if  the  total  of  the  merged  period does  not  exceed  5  consecutive  months,  you  can merge the returns for a fractional period with the returns  for  the  previous  or  subsequent  period upon written authorization from the commanding officer  except  for  the  returns  for  the  period ending 30 September. When you determine that the  returns  must  be  merged,  forward  copies  of  the written   authorization   immediately   to   NAV- RESSO,  the  appropriate  FAADC,  and  the  Navy Regional   Finance   Center,   Washington,   D.C. When you must merge the returns for the period from  1  September  to  31  October,  forward  a  re- quest  for  exception  to  NAVRESSO  with  a  copy to   the   appropriate   FAADC   and   the   Navy Regional Finance Center, Washington, D.C. You must  include  the  original  of  the  letter  authoriz- ing  the  merged  returns  when  you  submit  the returns  to  the  FAADC. DELAYS  AND  DELINQUENCIES.—  If for some reason the returns cannot be submitted on or  before  the  date  they  are  required  to  be  sub- mitted,  the  commanding  officer  must  forward  a letter  to  the  appropriate  type  commander  explain- ing the reason for the delay and the anticipated 7-25

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