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Page Title: Authorized Inventory and Increases
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stock ratios may help you to understand exactly how  stock  turn  ratios  work. CUMULATIVE BEGINNING EXPENDITURES lNVENTORY STOCK   TURN $8,000 $6,000 1.33 7,400 6,200 1.19 16,000 10,400 1.54 Now,   take   another   look   at   the   resale   cycle diagram. You should remember that the optimum stock level (INVENTORY) is defined as a 90-day supply  of  stock  and  that  the  rate  at  which  this stock level (INVENTORY) should be turned over by  SALES  is  defined  as  a  ratio  of  1.33  to  1.  If a   ratio   of   1.33   or   above   is   maintained,   then sufficient   WORKING   CAPITAL   should   be available to you to initiate additional PROCURE- MENT.  In  ship’s  store  management,  the  inven- tory control record is the tool you should always use  to  maintain  a  running  check  on  the  amount of WORKING CAPITAL that is available to you. AUTHORIZED    INVENTORY AND  INCREASES Your  initial  authorized  inventory  represents your  ship’s  allowance.  Your  allowance  is  based on the number of officers and enlisted personnel currently  on  board  including  embarked  staffs, embarked air groups, Marine Corps detachments, passengers,   or   the   highest   onboard   personnel count,   whichever   is   greater.   Generally,   the monetary  limitation  for  a  ship’s  store  stock  is based  on  $18  per  person  per  month  and  allows for   a   maximum   of   approximately   3   months’ stock. Service ships, such as ASS, ADs, and ARs, are authorized an additional $10 per person per month  to  support  customers  from  the  ships  for which  the  service  ships  are  providing  support.  You should   keep   in   mind   that   you   can   obtain authorized  increases  of  your  ship’s  store  stock  if your  ship  is  being  deployed  to  overseas  areas. Your  ship  will  be  authorized  an  additional  $18  per person per month up to an amount that will not exceed   your   overall   stockage   objective   for   the length of time your ship is going to be deployed. Foreign  merchandise  from  fleet  support warehouses  is  an  authorized  addition  to  your inventory.  To  ensure  proper  stock  control,  you should  carefully  monitor  any  foreign  merchan- dise  you  acquire  during  your  ship’s  deployment. You should consider the total dollar value of canned  sodas  as  a  separate  authorized  increase  to your  inventory  limitations  whether  your  ship  is deployed  or  whether  it  is  operating  in  the  con- tinental United States (CONUS). Whenever your inventory limitation is increased for deployment, you  should  send  a  letter  to  NAVRESSO,  with  a copy  to  the  type  commander,  containing  the following  information. 1.  The  monetary  value  of  the  increase 2.  The  reason  for  the  increase 3.  The  period  of  time  in  which  the  increase is taken 4. The current number of personnel on board your  ship Your total authorized inventory will be a com- bination   of   the   original   authorized   inventory (which  is  $54  times  the  current  number  of  per- sonnel  on  board)  plus  the  canned  sodas  inventory. When your ship is deploying, you should include in  your  total  inventory  your  ship’s  foreign  mer- chandise  inventory  and  an  additional  $18  per person per month times the months of the ship’s scheduled   deployment. INVENTORY  CONTROL  RECORDS An inventory control record is a management tool designed to help you make certain that your ship’s  store  meets  the  following  objectives: 1.  A  stock  turn  of  1.33  for  each  accounting period 2.   A   total   inventory   of   ship’s   store   and standard  Navy  clothing  stock  that  does not  exceed  the  authorized  limits There  are  two  inventory  control  records  you must use for the ship’s store: (1) Inventory Con- trol Record for Ship’s Store Stock and (2) Inven- tory Control Record for Standard Navy Clothing Stock.  Although  you  are  normally  required  to maintain a separate inventory control record for standard Navy clothing, you can include standard Navy  clothing  on  the  Inventory  Control  Record for Ship’s Store Stock whenever you sell standard Navy  clothing  through  the  same  cash  register used  for  ship’s  store  stock  or  when  your  inven- tory  balance  for  standard  Navy  clothing  is  less than  $300  and  sales  for  standard  Navy  clothing are also less than $300 per month. In the case of both inventory control records, you should round off  all  money  values  to  the  nearest  dollar. 4-5

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