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Page Title: Withdrawal of Recommendation/Recommended in Error/Declination of Advancement/Previously Advanced
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Date  examination  was  administered Date and serial of the letter of transmittal Registered   mail   number   under   which examination answer sheet was mailed UIC noted on worksheet UIC  of  present  duty  station Results  for  candidates  administered  late  substitute examinations and results for activities forwarding late returns are normally issued by the Data Mailer. Examination board members and ESOs must make sure  the  candidate’s  UIC  is  entered  and  circles  are darkened on answer sheets correctly before examination returns are mailed. Numerous requests are received by NETPMSA each examination cycle where the UIC was entered  on  the  answer  sheet  incorrectly.  This  is  one  of the reasons individuals’ names are not shown in the ESVR  after  results  are  published. Withdrawal of Recommendation/ Recommended in Error/Declination of Advancement/Previously   Advanced On receipt of examination results, the names of all personnel  whose  advancement  recommendations  have been  withdrawn,  members  who  were  recommended  in error,   members   who   decline   advancement,   and members who have been previously advanced under the provision  of  Selective  Training  and  Reenlistment (STAR),  Selective  Conversion  and  Reenlistment (SCORE),  Command  Advancement  Program  (CAP),  or from previous advancement cycles must be deleted. This  is  done  by  submitting  a  NAVGRAM  report  to NETPMSA requesting invalidation of the examination, cancellation  of  advancement  authority,  or  removal  from selection board eligible with an explanation. Examination Profile status,  as  appropriate,  along NETPMSA  sends  an  examination  profile  form  for all   E-4   through   E-7   candidates   following   each Navywide examination. Examination profile forms are sent in duplicate to the  CO.  The  original  form  with  the  Subject  Matter Section  Identification  Sheet  must  be  given  to  the individual  candidate.  ESOs,  training  petty  officers,  and other concerned individuals use the duplicate copy of the  profile  sheet  as  a  source  of  information  for evaluating  the  effectiveness  of  the  command  training program in the various ratings. The examination profile form is designed for use in conjunction   with   the   Subject   Matter   Section Identification  Sheet.  This  sheet  shows  the  subject  areas covered  in  each  section  of  the  examination  and  is numbered  to  correspond  with  the  areas  on  the examination   profile   form   and   the   subject   areas contained in the Manual of Navy Enlisted Manpower and  Personnel  Classifications  and  Occupational Standards,  NAVPERS  18068F,  volume  I.  By  comparing the examination profile form and the Subject Matter Identification Sheet, candidates can determine those areas they need to study more. The   examination   profile   form   contains   the candidate’s status (PASS/FAIL), standard score, FMS, and  the  minimum  FMS  required  for  advancement. Passed not advanced (PNA) points, if any, earned by the candidate  during  previous  examination  cycles  are  also shown  on  the  profile  form.  No  FMSs  are  indicated  for those members who fail the examination, participate for lateral  conversion,  are  listed  in  a  discrepancy  status,  or whose  examinations  were  invalidated. The examination profile form is developed from an analysis of the overall examination results in each rating. The profile form provides letter codes indicating the relative  standing  of  each  candidate  on  each  section  of the examination us compared with all others taking the examination in the same rating. Individual subject areas do  not  contain  the  same  number  of  questions  and, therefore,  letter  codes  cannot  be  averaged  against another candidate in the same or different rating. MILITARY/LEADERSHIP EXAMINATION Military/leadership examinations and scoring keys are revised annually and are provided on request. These examinations  are  requested  on  the  NETPMSA  ordering letter  furnished  to  activities  about  June  of  each  year. Normally,  two  separate  examinations  for  each  paygrade are  provided. COs  or  OICs  having  custodial  and  administrative responsibility  for  the  examinations  determine  the schedule  for  nlilitary/leadership  examinations.  COs  or OICs  of  units  whose  enlisted  service  records  are maintained  by  PASS  activities  must  comply  with  the examination schedule established by that PASS activity. However,  those  commands  may  order,  maintain,  and administer  military/leadership  examinations  to  their personnel  independent  of  the  PASS  activity,  provided 3-18

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