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Page Title: Submission Requests
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HUMANITARIAN/HARDSHIP REASSIGNMENTS  NOT  CONSIDERED Humanitarian  requests  based  on  the  following reasons only are not considered within the scope of the ENLTRANSMAN,   chapter   18,   and   will   not   be approved: For financial or business reasons (including the operation of a family business). For  indebtedness. For  the  sole  reason  of  being  a  single  parent. Raising  children  is  considered  a  long-term problem and will normally be considered for a hardship  discharge. For  personal  convenience. For  the  purpose  of  attending  to  or  assisting in-laws,  grandparents  (other  than  in   loco parentis),  or  other  persons  not  identified  as immediate  family. For  the  purpose  of  children  in  school  (exception is   made   for   children   requiring   specialized education). For part-time employment employment  of  the  spouse. Because  of  the  member’s condition. SUBMISSION OF REQUESTS of  the  member  or physical or mental Requests  for  humanitarian  reassignment  from  all enlisted  personnel  are  addressed  to  CHNAVPERS (PERS 40HH) with a copy (less enclosures) to EPMAC. Requests  from  enlisted  training  and  administration  of reserve  (TAR)  personnel  must  be  sent  to  PERS  44HH with  a  copy  (less  enclosures)  to  the  Naval  Reserve Personnel  Center  (NAVRESPERCEN). REPORTING WHEN HARDSHIP IS EASED OR CEASES TO EXIST BEFORE EXPIRATION  OF  TEMPORARY  DUTY When the hardship ceases to exist or has been eased before  completion  of  the  period  of  temporary  duty assigned, the activity where the member is assigned for temporary duty humanitarian assignment (TD HUMS) must submit an availability report according to the ENLTRANSMAN,   chapter   20,   to   the   assignment control authority (ACA) that originally assigned the member to TD HUMS. REASSIGNMENT OF MEMBER AT EXPIRATION  OF  TEMPORARY  DUTY HUMANITARIAN  ASSIGNMENT Members   on   TD   HUMS   are   considered   for reassignment   approximately   1   month   before   the scheduled  completion  of  their  temporary  assignment. The activity that has a member on board interviews the member 6 weeks before the member’s PRD to decide if the  hardship  has  been  resolved  before  submitting  the availability  report  according  to  the  ENLTRANSMAN, chapter 20, to the ACA who assigned the TD HUMS. As a PN, you will be initially involved in counseling the member on his or her request. The member usually comes  to  the  personnel  office  to  inquire  as  to  the requirements   for   requesting   a   humanitarian reassignment. You must provide the member with all the pertinent information he or she will need including administrative  assistance. The  ENLTRANSMAN,  chapter  18,  has  additional information  on  procedures  for  urgent  hardship  cases, extension   of   TD   HUMS,   special   instructions   for administration  of  members  on  TD  HUMS,  order-writing requirements, supporting statements required for a basic letter  request,  contents  of  basic  request,  information  on CO’s  endorsement,  and  more.  In  all  cases  refer  to  the ENLTRANSMAN,  chapter  18,  for  the  most  current information  concerning  reassignments  for  humanitarian reasons. HARDSHIP DISCHARGE PROCEDURES Some  Navy  personnel  and  their  families  will encounter  hardships  while  serving  on  active  duty. Members on active duty with hardships meeting criteria in the MILPERSMAN, Article 3620210, may request separation  from  the  naval  service  from  the  special court-martial convening authority (SPCMCA) within their chain of command. These members must be in either a PERMDU or TEMDU status, but not on TAD. The  eligible  member  who  does  not  have  an additional service obligation may be discharged. The eligible  member  who  has  an  additional  service obligation   under   any   provision   of   law   may   be transferred to the Naval Reserve (if otherwise eligible) and released to inactive duty or, if already a member of the Naval Reserve, released to inactive duty to serve the remainder of the obligated service. 2-9

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