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Page Title: Recommendation For Advancement In Rate Or Change of Rating (Worksheet)
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detailed   message   or   NAVGRAM   report   must   be submitted to NETPMSA with a copy to BUPERS as soon as possible. In  case  of  receipt  of  the  CT  examinations,  the official who meets the requirements to receive them also must  report  any  evidence  of  missing,  lost,  or compromised examinations per DOD Directive 5105.21 (NOTAL),  with  copies  to  the  Naval  Security  Group (NAVSECGRU)  Division,  NETPMSA,  Pensacola, Florida, and BUPERS. Receipt   for   the   examinations   must   be acknowledged by the person authorized to receive them. This  is  done  by  signing  the  preprinted  endorsement  of the last page of the receipt copy of the enclosed packing list and returning it to NETPMSA, Code 321. In  case  of  receipt  of  the  CT  examinations,  the official  who  meets  the  requirements  discussed  in  DOD Directive   5105.21   (NOTAL)   and   BUPERSINST 1430.16D  signs  the  receipt  (inside  package)  and  returns it  immediately  to  NAVSECGRU  Division,  NETPMSA. MINIMUM  PROCEDURE  FOR  SECURE STORAGE OF EXAMINATIONS AND ANSWER  SHEETS Advancement  examination,  performance  tests,  E-3 tests,   military/leadership   tests,   and   completed examination answer sheets must be in direct custody of an official who meets the requirements as discussed earlier  and  in  paragraph  601  of  BUPERSINST 1430.16D. Performance tests and completed answer sheets must be stored in a safe, vault, or other securely locked space. Except as specified in paragraph 601 of BUPERSINST   1430.16D,   examinations   or performance tests must not be available to enlisted personnel at any time except during administration, and then  only  to  personnel  authorized  to  participate. RECOMMENDATION FOR ADVANCEMENT IN RATE OR CHANGE OF RATING (WORKSHEET) A Recommendation for Advancement in Rate or Change of Rating (Worksheet), NAVEDTRA 1430/2, must be prepared for each candidate participating in a Navywide  advancement  cycle.  This  includes  members in paygrade E-6 who are participating for the limited duty officer program and E-8/9 candidates. Examining boards and candidates use the form as a checkoff sheet and  for  transferring  information  to  the  answer  sheet. After the Navywide examination, or participation for advancement,   handle   worksheets   according   to instructions contained in BUPERSINST 1430.16D. The worksheet contains data and factors relating to the candidate’s eligibility y for advancement or change of rating.  The  ESO  is  responsible  for  reviewing  all worksheets  for  accuracy  and  completeness  before delivering them to the examining board. All entries must be  checked  thoroughly  to  avoid  errors.  Inaccurate information creates inequities to the candidates and could prevent a fully qualified candidate from being advanced. ESOs and personnel office supervisors must make sure worksheets are prepared at least 1 month before the scheduled examination date to decrease the chance for errors. Each candidate must review, verify, and sign the worksheet  before  the  examination  date. LOCAL EXAMINING BOARD A local examining board must be established to make  sure  candidates  participating  for  advancement  in rate or change in rating are examined on an equitable basis.  The  local  examining  board  is  responsible  for administration  of  the  Navywide  advancement examinations  and  military/leadership  examinations. The CO or OIC with responsibility for custody and administration  of  Navywide  examinations  establishes, in  writing,  local  examining  boards.  In  the  case  of commands supported by PERSUPPDET’s, COs provide commissioned officers as required for establishing a consolidated  examining  board  for  the  area.  Provisions for  examining  board  establishment  in  areas  serviced  by the  Pay/Personnel  Administration  Support  System (PASS)   are   outlined   in   the   P a y / P e r s o n n e l Administrative Support System (PASS) Management Manual (PASSMAN), OPNAVINST 1000.23A. The board is normally established about 2 months before  scheduled  examination  dates  and  consists  of  at least three members (officer or civilian) with sufficient experience  to  perform  duties  of  the  board  in  a  optimum reamer. The senior member must be a lieutenant or higher,  with  the  exception  of  officers  in  charge  of PERSUPPDETS  who  are  authorized  to  assume positional authority as senior members of consolidated examining  boards. Assignments to examining boards remain in effect until terminated in writing by the CO or OIC. Board members  must  possess  a  current  security  clearance  of the type or level that permits administration of classified examinations assigned to the board. A civilian employee 3-12

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