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Page Title: Precertification Procedures
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advancement,  can  impact  future  SRB  eligibility.  COS should  counsel  members  about  this  requirement.  The MILPERSMAN,   Article   1050150.9C,   contains   the required  service  record  entry.  Furthermore,  members must not be entitled to nor have been paid readjustment, severance,  or  separation  pay. SPECIFIC ELIGIBILITY FOR ACTIVE DUTY  MEMBERS In  addition  to  the  general  criteria  mentioned previously, members must be on active duty except AT. The SRB is not payable for a reenlistment in a Regular component   following   discharge   from   a   Reserve component during or at completion of AT. Members  must  be  petty  officers  or  E-3  designated strikers, and be qualified for and serving in an SRB rating or NEC, or be approved by BUPERS for selective conversion   and   reenlistment   (SCORE)   or   lateral conversion to an SRB eligible rating. Members must also receive prior approval from BUPERS (PERS 292) before signing an SRB qualifying extension  and  receive  authorization  before  reenlisting or  extension  becoming  operative  for  SRB. OFFICER  PROCUREMENT  PROGRAMS Members  who  reenlisted  or  executed  an  extension for  SRB  before  applying  for  an  officer  procurement program  requiring  formal  academic  training  have remaining  installments  suspended  as  of  their  class convening date. Members dropped from the program and returned to enlisted status in the same bonus skill receive the remaining installments but at a rate reduced by the number of days spent in the program as described in  the  Department  of  Defense  Military  Pay  and Allowances Entitlement Manual (DODPM), part one, chapter  9,  section  B.  On  notification  or  announcement of  member’s  selection  to  participate  in  any  officer procurement  program,  requests  for  accelerated, advance, or remaining amount payments will not be approved.  On  appointment  to  commissioned  officer status,  members  forfeit  remaining  installments. Members  who  reenlist  or  extend  to  obtain sufficient  obligated  service  for  an  officer  program  are not  entitled  to  SRB. SRB  entitlement  for  eligible  members  who reenlist or extend after applying for an officer program will  be  held  pending  selection  results.  Applicants  who are  not  selected  may  then  receive  SRB.  Members  who withdraw  their  application  or  who  are  selected  for participation  lose  SRB  entitlement. PRECERTIFICATION PROCEDURES The precertification (PRECERT) process reduces the  number  of  incorrect  SRB  payments  and  recoupment actions. SRB reenlistment requests must be submitted in the exact format shown in OPNAVINST 1160.6A normally no earlier than 90 days before the desired reenlistment  date.  If  the  request  is  not  submitted correctly,  it  will  be  rejected  and  must  be  resubmitted. Requests  submitted  before  90  days  from  reenlistment must include justification for early submission. Changes to requests via message or phone call will not be accepted. A new message request (with new date-time-group [DTG]) must be submitted. The new message  automatically  cancels  the  previous  request. A Navy veteran (NAVET) may not have his or her pay  record  information  available  at  DFAS  -  Cleveland Center.  Consequently  the  SRB  reenlistment  normally will be approved with an estimated SRB amount. A formatted SRB request must be resubmitted upon arrival at the first permanent duty station DFAS   -  Cleveland  Center  compares  the  SRB request data with JUMPS data and provides BUPERS (PERS 292) with the actual bonus amount payable. After  receiving  authorization  from  BUPERS (PERS 292), members may reenlist or extend for SRB. The PRECERT process normally takes about 10 working days to complete. SRB requests received on short  notice  may  not  permit  SRB  payment  concurrent with reenlistment. For short notice requests, BUPERS (PERS  292)  will  provide  the  DTG  of  the  message granting  SRB  reenlistment  authority  via  telephone whenever  possible.  Short-term  extensions  are  not authorized by BUPERS (PERS 292). Telephone  inquiries  to  BUPERS  (PERS  292)  on  the status  of  PRECERT  should  be  made  by  disbursing personnel,  command  career  counselors,  yeomen  or personnelmen,  and  not  by  the  member  concerned. Policy   and   eligibility   questions   can   normally   be resolved  by  calling  BUPERS. Only  BUPERS  (PERS  292)  can  provide  SRB payment authority to the requesting activity. After an SRB request is approved by BUPERS (PERS 292), a Military Pay Order, NAVCOMPT Form 3060,  OCR  document  or  SDS  document,  must  be submitted to start entitlement. 1-12

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