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Page Title: Personnel Casualty Report (Suicide Attempt/Serious Psychotic or Psychiatric Disorder/Major Amputation or Disfigurement/Extens...
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The   appropriate   home   port   station,   type commander,  FLTCINCs,  and  other  appropriate operational  and  administrative  commands Judge  Advocate  General Naval Office of Medical/Dental Affairs, Great Lakes,  Illinois American  Red  Cross,  Washington,  DC The initial personnel casualty report will contain items  ALFA  through  KILO  as  discussed  in  the MILPERSMAN,  Article  4210100.  Also  refer  to  the MILPERSMAN,  Article  4210100,  for  procedures  used when notifying the next of kin concerning terminally ill, seriously/very seriously ill, and injured personnel. Personnel Casualty Report (Suicide Attempt/ Serious  Psychotic  or  Psychiatric  Disorder/ Major Amputation or Disfigurement/Extensive Diminished Vision or Hearing) (BUPERS Report Symbol 1770-4) Submit a personnel who: attempt  suicide  or casualty report on members make other suicidal gestures. Suicide is intentional, self-induced death. Suicide attempt is an intentional act, causing physical  self-harm,  where  death  would  have occurred  without  the  direct  intervention  of another  individual. Suicide gesture is an intentional act, suggesting a cry for help, causing physical self-harm or the intent to cause physical self-harm that would not cause  the  death  of  the  individual; suffer  psychotic  or  other  serious  psychiatric disorders; suffer major amputations or disfigurements; or sustain  extensively  diminished  vision  or  hearing. Submit  the  personnel  casualty  report  in  the  same format as that required for reporting seriously/very seriously  ill/injured  casualties.  Unless  the  member requests that the next of kin not be notified, notification of the next of kin will be done in the same manner as notification of next of kin of seriously/very seriously ill or injured members. Periodic follow-up reports are not required. Personnel Casualty Report (Members of Other Branches of the Armed Forces, Civilians, and Foreign Military Personnel) Whenever casualties occur in a disaster or accident involving  personnel  of  more  than  one  service,  the casualty  status  determination  will  be  made  for  all personnel  involved  by  the  service  operating  or controlling the equipment, installation, or unit involved. In such cases, and whenever individual casualties occur to personnel of other branches of the uniformed services or  civilians  serving  with  or  attached  to  the  Navy commands, a Joint Service Casualty Alert Message (Report)  will  be  sent.  This  report  will  be  transmitted  by immediate   precedence   message   to   the   following appropriate  commands  and,  in  all  cases,  an  information copy will be sent to CHNAVPERS, JAG, BUMED, and CNO: Marine   Corps-CMC   WASHINGTON   DC// MHP-10// Army-CDR   USA   MILPERSCEN   ALEX- ANDRIA  VA//DAPC-PDC// Air   Force-HQ   AFMPC   RANDOLPH   AFB TX//DPMC//HQ   AFESC   TYNDALL   AFB FL//DEH// Coast  Guard-COMDT  COGARD  WASHING- TON DC Public Health Service–Public Health Service, Department  of  Health  and  Human  Services, Washington,  DC Coast and Geodetic Survey–National Oceanic and  Atmospheric  Administration  (NOAA), Department of Commerce, Washington, DC Civilian personnel–To the government or civilian organization  by  whom  employed  (refer  to NAVMEDCOMINST 5360.1) Foreign  nationals  training  with  the  Navy-CNO Washington,   DC//OP-O6T// Foreign  military  personnel  in  the  Personnel Exchange Program (PEP)–CNO Washington, DC (refer to the U.S. Navy Personnel Exchange Program  (PEP),  OPNAVINST  5700.7G) The MILPERSMAN, Article 4210100, contains the correct format for the submission of a joint service casualty  alert  message. 4-6

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