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Page Title: Overseas Screening Procedures
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problem. In addition, because in most locations the member may elect an accompanied tour within 90 days of arrival overseas, it is better to identify the potential problems before the member executes the orders. Remember  all  transferring  commands  must  conduct overseas screening whether a member’s transfer is from CONUS to overseas or consecutive overseas tours from overseas  (sea/shore)  to  overseas  (sea/shore). OVERSEAS  SERVICE  SCREENING PROCEDURES The CO of the transferring command is responsible for the overseas screening. You will assist in the steps that  follow: 1. Upon receipt of the PCS orders overseas, direct the member to undergo mandatory, service-coordinated urinalysis  screening.  Orders  are  not  executed  until receipt  and  analysis  of  these  urinalysis  results. 2. Make sure each individual and dependent being assigned  overseas  is  screened  within  30  days  after receipt  of  the  transfer  directive.  If  delay  is  anticipated beyond  the  30-day  period,  send  an  interim  message  to CHNAVPERS (PERS 40 and PERS 462) explaining the delay  and  stating  the  estimated  date  of  completion.  The member is not to be transferred before completion of overseas  screening. 3.   Conduct   the   interview   according   to   the ENLTRANSMAN,  chapter  4,  since  it  will  always contain the most up-to-date information on overseas screening  requirements.  Also  refer  to  Suitability Screening  for  Overseas  Assignment,  OPNAVINST 1300.14A. 4.  During  the  interview,  brief  the  member  and family  members  with  the  section  of  Information Concerning Overseas   Living   Conditions, NAVMILPERSCOMINST   1720.1B,   on   dependent entry requirements and traveling and living conditions at the next duty station. For members that are assigned and have elected an all others tour, make sure the member is familiar with the MILPERSMAN, Article 6810105, on command-sponsored and noncommand- sponsored   dependents. 5. Make sure a Report of Suitability for Overseas Assignment, NAVPERS 1300/16, is completed when the member and dependents, if any, are considered suitable  in  all  respects  for  duty  overseas.  Do  this  before preparation of the Standard Transfer Order (STO), if appropriate. File this report in the member’s service record. The CO must notify CHNAVPERS (PERS 40 and PERS 462) by message (or NAVGRAM if received at CHNAVPERS within 30 days of receipt of orders). For   nondesignated   SN/AN/FN,   the   message/ NAVGRAM  must  be  addressed  to  EPMAC  with  an information  copy  to  CHNAVPERS. 6.  Make  sure  the  member  has  sufficient  obligated service  to  complete  an  accompanied  or  unaccompanied DOD  area  tour  or  that  the  member  incurs  enough obligated service to complete the DOD area tour. Page 13 entries for obligated service are not authorized. Always  keep  in  mind  the  high-year  tenure  (HYT) restrictions. 7. Make sure service record page 13 entries are made as shown in the ENLTRANSMAN, chapter 4. PERSONNEL FOUND UNSUITABLE FOR OVERSEAS  DUTY If  the  transferring  command’s  CO  considers  an individual or his or her dependents unsuited for overseas service, the following actions should be carried out: Report such action within 30 days of receipt of orders  by  message  to  CHNAVPERS  (EPMAC  for nondesignated  SN/AN/FN),  with  an  information  copy to  the  receiving  command,  indicating  the  nature  of disciplinary  action  or  other  reason(s)  for  unsuitability. Reports  must  be  as  complete  as  possible  to  permit equitable  determination  and  must  be  accompanied  by the   CO’s   recommendation   for   disposition.   If   the chaplain’s  rationale  for  unsuitability  is  part  of  the finding, his or her rationale may be omitted if he or she so desires. Hold orders in abeyance until notified by   CHNAVPERS   (EPMAC   for   nondesignated SN/AN/FN).  Complete  the  Report  of  Suitability  for Overseas  Assignment,  NAVPERS  1300/16,  and  file  in service record. Make sure the service record page 13 entry  is  made  as  shown  in  ENLTRANSMAN, chapter 4. Once a member has been successfully screened by  the  detaching  command  for  any  subsequent information,   misconduct,   or   emergency   medical problems rendering him or her unsuitable (occurring at the transferring command or at any intermediate activity en route to overseas duty), hold orders in abeyance and notify  CHNAVPERS.  (For  nondesignated  SN/FN/AN, inform  EPMAC  immediately.)  Make  sure  the  member and dependents are aware of their responsibility to report if any of these conditions occur. Also make sure the   member   and   dependents   are   aware   of   their responsibility to report circumstances that may change their suitability status after being declared suitable for 2-15

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