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Page Title: Naval Air Systems Command
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(NAVMAC)  is  a  supporting  organization  that  provides essential support. The NAVMAC mission is as follows: Develops   and   documents   total   wartime manpower requirements for all fleet and shore activities of the Navy Reviews   documentation   for   total   force manpower  requirements  of  the  Naval  Shore Establishment   and   maintains   supporting automated data processing (ADP) systems Operates  the  Navy  School  of  Manpower Management Provides direct support in developing policy and procedures  for  the  Navy  manpower  requirements programs Provides  technical  consulting  services  in  all facets of manpower management to manpower claimants, resource sponsors, and other OPNAV offices Performs  other  manpower  analyses  and  studies as may be directed by the CNO Although not under immediate control and direction of the DCNO (MPT), the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIRSYSCOM) and Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEASYSCOM)  are  important  contributors  in  the measurement, determination, and documentation of Navy manpower requirements. NAVAL AIR SYSTEMS COMMAND The   Aviation   Training   Systems   Program Coordination  Office  conducts  manpower,  personnel, and training analyses for aircraft platforms as well as aircraft  systems,  subsystems,  equipment,  and  programs. Documents  developed  by  NAVAIRSYSCOM  include HARDMAN   manpower,   personnel,   and   training concept  documents,  resource  requirements  documents, Navy  training  plans,  preliminary  squadron  manpower documents, and aviation phasing plans. After approval by  OP-01,  these  analyses  are  implemented  in  OPNAV billet files and used in outyear projections for applicable aviation  manpower  requirements  programs. NAVAL SEA SYSTEMS COMMAND NAVSEASYSCOM    performs    manpower, personnel, and training analysis for ships as well as systems and equipment designed for installation in Navy shore  and  ship  activities.  The  broad  range  of  analyses performed by NAVSEASYSCOM includes but is not limited  to  preliminary  ship  manpower  documents,  Navy training plans, crew scheduling and phasing plans, and life-cycle cost reports. These analyses support new ship construction, conversion, or modernization; and the operator/maintenance requirements for new systems and  equipment.  After  approval  by  OP-01,  analyses  from the  systems  commands  (SYSCOMs)  are  implemented in  OPNAV  billet  files  and  used  in  outyear  projections for  applicable  shore  activity  or  ship  manpower requirements. SHIP  MANPOWER  REQUIREMENTS The ship manpower requirements program analyzes and  documents  by  individual  billet  the  minimum wartime   quantitative   and   qualitative   manpower requirements by type of ship. This is so each ship may accomplish assigned missions and required operational capabilities  in  the  projected  operational  environment (ROC/POE) in the current year, budget year, and SYDP. ROCs are statements prepared by mission and force function  sponsors  that  describe  the  capabilities  required of ships and squadrons in various operational situations. POE is the environment in which the ship or squadron is  expected  to  operate,  including  the  military  climate; for  example,  at  sea,  at  war,  capable  of  continuous operations  at  readiness  condition  III. Ship  manpower  requirements  are  periodically updated to make sure support for the PPBS as well as analyzing  impacts  of  decisions  that  affect  the  current and  budget  years.  Ship  manpower  documents  (SMDs) show  requirements  and  battle  bill  information  for specific ships or, when possible, a class of ships are published as OPNAV instructions in the respective 5320 series. This same process applies to other activities such ascertain afloat staffs that perform their mission tasking at sea aboard a commissioned ship. AVIATION MANPOWER REQUIREMENTS The aviation manpower requirements program is an OPNAV-approved,   standard-based   requirements system that identifies multiyear requirements to support the  PPBS  by  establishing  baseline  manpower requirements  based  on  ROC/POE  statements.  The program ensures a validated and justifiable technique to determine both military and civilian qualitative and quantitative billet requirements. Outyear projections are based  on  Navy  training  plans  (NTPs),  preliminary squadron  manpower  documents  (PSQMDs),  and HARD  MAN-derived  manpower  requirements. 5-3

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