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Page Title: Limitations
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LIMITATIONS Navy TA may not be authorized for the following TA  limitations: Any course for which the applicant is receiving assistance under any other provision of law where such a payment would constitute a duplication of benefits from the Federal Treasury. In cases where federal grant monies  are  credited  to  the  institutional  student’s accounts, the credited portion is not calculated in the TA application.  The  TA  is  calculated  after  grants, scholarships,  and  fellowships  have  been  subtracted from the cost of tuition. Audited courses. Funds  obligated  across  fiscal  years.  Separate applications  must  be  submitted  for  courses  beginning  in different fiscal years. The date the TA authorization form is  signed  by  the  Navy  Campus  education  specialist determines the fiscal year to be used. Courses previously completed (where a grade of D or better was received). Physical education and recreation courses unless these courses are required by the institution for degree completion. TA is not authorized for service members in a DUINS  status. The   Navy   Campus   education   specialist   has approval authority for TA. The following conditions must be met to approve TA: An  applicant’s  academic  record  must  indicate that  course  prerequisites  have  been  met. For undergraduate students, an academic average of  C  on  the  previous  12  semester  hours  or equivalent taken under TA must be maintained. For graduate students, an academic average of B on the previous 12 semester hours or equivalent taken under TA must be maintained. Classroom courses using TA must be completed by  the  applicant’s  expiration  of  active  obligated service (EAOS). TUITION ASSISTANCE APPLICATION PROCEDURES TA is as an advance for active duty Navy personnel to  help  defray  out-of-pocket  tuition  expenses.  Requests for TA must be submitted and approved before the institution’s  late  registration  deadline.  Mail-in  requests are  accepted  for  processing  if  received  within  30  days after  course  start  date.  The  applicant  submits  a completed   Special   Request/Authorization,   NAVPERS 1336/3, and a TA Registration, NAVEDTRA 1560/6 (sample of this form shown in fig. 3-1), to the servicing Navy Campus office. All applicants must be advised that until  they  are  in  receipt  of  a  properly  signed  TA Authorization,  NAVEDTRA  1560/5  (sample  of  this form  shown  in  fig.  3-2),  approval  of  TA  cannot  be assumed. TA  for  independent  study  is  reimbursed  after successful   completion   of   studies.   TA   application procedures  for  independent  study  are  covered  in paragraph 310 of CNETINST 1560.3D. Command  approval  to  enroll  in  off-duty  education courses is required to use TA. A command-approved special  request/authorization  verifying  that  the applicant’s  projected  duty  schedule  will  allow  for participation in, and completion of, the course(s) for which TA is requested must be submitted to the Navy Campus office or mail-in address when TA is requested. The special request/authorization must be submitted to Navy Campus before course registration. Before course registration, the applicant also must complete, sign, and submit in person the TA registration form to the local Navy Campus office. When no local office is available, the TA registration form must be submitted  to  the  designated  mail-in  address. The  local  Navy  Campus  office,  or  designated mail-in  office,  processes  and  approves  the  TA  request when  the  special  request/authorization  and  TA registration  form  have  been  submitted,  eligibility criteria  are  met,  and  appropriate  counseling  has occurred.  Upon  approval,  the  Navy  Campus  office prepares the TA authorization form. The authorization must be signed by the applicant and the Navy Campus education specialist. TA authorization forms are not valid  until  properly  signed  by  a  Navy  Campus authorizing  official. The  original  signed  TA  authorization  form  is returned to the applicant. The applicant then submits the authorization  to  the  school  when  registering  for  classes. Any changes occurring at the time of registration must be immediately reported by TA applicants to the Navy  Campus  office  authorizing  TA.  The  educational institution and applicant do not have authority to make changes to the amount originally authorized. If the TA authorization is used to support a course other than the 3-3

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