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Page Title: Handling, Storage, and Accountability of Examinations
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Substitute Examination Request E-4/5/6 By  1  June  following  administration  of the   March   examination   cycle   and 1 December following the September examination cycle. For drilling Naval Reserve  personnel:  Requests  received by the end of the month that precedes the  month  of  the  examination. Use the NETPMSA 1418/6 or a letter request for substitute examinations ordered more than 14 days before the previous cutoff dates. Use message requests for orders submitted within 14 days of the cutoff dates. Departure from these procedures is authorized only for MINIMIZE. To prevent double shipments, do not send a follow-up letter or message request with the order forms. Examination requests received by NETPMSA after the  previous  dates  will  not  be  honored.  Instruct candidates  in  this  case  to  participate  in  the  next scheduled  examination  cycle;  if  selectee  status  is attained, advise the selectee to use DD Form 149 to submit a request to the Board for the Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) for a backdate of the advancement date. HANDLING,  STORAGE,  AND ACCOUNTABILITY OF EXAMINATIONS Each  individual  activity  is  responsible  for  the handling,  storage,  and  accountability  of  Navywide examinations. The   integrity   of   the   Navywide   enlisted advancement system depends on the security of the examinations  and  is  of  paramount  importance  to equitable   advancement   opportunity.   All   levels   of command must be alert to the possibility of compromise by  the  disclosure  of  the  content  of  Navywide examinations. All commands and activities must initiate and  monitor  local  custodial  procedures  to  assure maximum  safeguard  and  accountability  of  examinations and all related examination material at all times. All  examinations,  including  Navywide  military/ leadership  examinations  and  apprentice  examinations (E-3)   and   related   examination   material   such   as completed answer sheets and answer keys, must at all times  be  in  the  custody  of  a  commissioned  officer, warrant  officer,  designated  civilian  or,  when  specifically designated as officer in charge (OIC) or acting OIC of a PERSUPPDET, a chief, senior chief, or master chief petty officer. If an examination is transferred to another activity, it must be carried by one of the previously mentioned personnel or sent by U.S. registered mail in double  envelopes  as  prescribed  in  BUPERSINST 1430.16D.  Contingency  circumstances  may occasionally  necessitate  special  handling  procedures  for a  particular  examination  series.  Special  handling instructions are included with the examinations and have   precedence   over   any   conflicting   handling instructions  contained  in  this  chapter  and  in BUPERSINST  1430.16D. It  was  mentioned  earlier  in  this  chapter  that BUPERSINST  1430.16D  contains  information  on  how to order CT examinations. CT examinations contain information that affects the national defense of the United States. Therefore, CT examinations must be in the  custody  of  a  commissioned  officer,  warrant  officer, or designated activity official, at all times except during actual  administration.  These  officers  or  officials  must have been granted a final Top Secret clearance, be currently indoctrinated for sensitive compartmented information (SCI), and have authorized storage for SCI material. CT examinations must be sent via defense courier  service  or  by  a  designated  commissioned  officer, warrant officer, or civilian SCI courier, or as authorized by DOD Directive 5105.21 (NOTAL). ACCOUNTABILITY  OF  EXAMINATIONS BEFORE  ADMINISTRATION Examinations shipped by NETPMSA are listed on the packing list in alphanumerical order within each paygrade. Totals are indicated for each paygrade with a grand total indicated at the end of the packing list as indicated in the sample shown in figure 3-3. ESOs  must  account  for  all  examinations  received from NETPMSA or from other activities, transferred to other  activities,  and  total  examinations  destroyed. RECEIPT OF EXAMINATIONS FROM NETPMSA Upon receipt of the examinations from NETPMSA, the package(s) must be immediately delivered to the person  authorized  to  receive  and  maintain  custody  of Navywide examinations such as the ESO. That person must inspect the package(s) for evidence of tampering. The procedures mentioned previously also apply to the receipt   of   performance   tests,   military/leadership examinations,  apprentice  examinations,  and  their associated  answer  keys. 3-10

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