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Page Title: Forwarding Advancement Examination Returns
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changed. The examination board then turns verified answer sheets over to the person designated to prepare the transmittal letter. Only officers, designated chief petty  officers  (E-7/8/9),  and  designated  civilian employees  may  handle  the  returns  until  they  are deposited as registered mail in the U.S. Postal Service. Completed answer sheets must be afforded the same handling and storage procedures as For Official Use Only  documents. Once an examination is administered to a candidate, an answer sheet must be sent to NETPMSA. If board members  determine  that  a  candidate  should  not  have taken the examination, separate correspondence must be sent to NETPMSA requesting invalidation and stating the  reasons  for  invalidation. SUBJECT MATTER SECTION IDENTIFICATION SHEET This  sheet  is  attached  to  the  examination  booklet and is used with the profile form sent to all advancement candidates  approximately  2  to  3  months  after  the examination dates. The ESO retains the sheet until receipt   of   candidate’s   results.   The   sheet   can   be reproduced  locally. FORWARDING  ADVANCEMENT EXAMINATION  RETURNS After  board  members  and  the  ESO  verify  all examination   answer   sheets   for   accuracy   and completeness and all examinations have been accounted for, a letter of transmittal using the format contained in appendix G of BUPERSINST 1430.16D is prepared. Examination returns arc sent to NETPMSA via U.S. registered mail. Separate letterss of transmittal for each paygrade  with  exception  of  E-8/9  candidates,  Inactive Reserve   (SELRES)   candidates,   and   E-4/5/6/7 candidates   administered   substitute   examinations subsequent  to  regularly  scheduled  administration  dates must  be  prepared.  When  personnel  from  more  than  one activity have been examined, the candidates’ names by activity  must  be  grouped  together. In   cases   where   examination   returns   list   CT examinations, destruction of CT examinations must be witnessed by two officers who hold an interim or final Top   Secret   clearance   and   who   are   currently indoctrinated  for  SCI.  In  the  absence  of  two  officers,  CT examinations may be destroyed in the presence of and witnessed  by  one  officer  and  a  designated  civilian employee so authorized, a chief, senior chief, or master chief petty officer who meets the previous clearance and indoctrination   criteria.   When   only   one   officer   or designated  civilian  employee  is  attached  who  meets  the clearance and indoctrination criteria, his or her signature is  permitted  both  as  the  individual  witnessing destruction and the OIC, CO, or designated civilian head. After examination returns have been checked for completeness  and  accuracy,  they  are  sent  to  NETPMSA by   registered   mail   within   5   working   days   after administration of the examination. This period may be extended  to  7  working  days  when  the  transmittal  letter contains 500 or more candidates. ESOs and supervisors of personnel offices must make sure copies of all documents pertaining to the accountability of examinations are retained for 2 years for  audit  purposes. RECEIPT AND ADMINISTRATION OF SUBSTITUTE  EXAMINATIONS Substitute examinations are administered according to the date announced in BUPERSNOTE 1418 or a NAVADMIN published before the regular examination cycle. The letter of transmittal and answer sheets must be  sent  to  NETPMSA  within  5  working  days  of administration  of  examination.  All  paygrades  E-4 through E-6 are included on one letter of transmittal. ACCOUNTABILITY  OF  EXAMINATIONS AFTER  ADMINISTRATION After   examinations   are   administered,   all examination booklets, used and unused, and scratch paper must be destroyed by burning or by alternate methods  outlined  in  the  Department  of  the  Navy Information   and   Personnel   Security   Program Regulation,  OPNAVINST  5510.1H,  and  other  pertinent directives in the presence of at least one officer and one chief  petty  officer  (E-7/8/9)  or  designated  civilian.  The report  of  destruction  must  be  sent  to  NETPMSA  on  a letter of transmittal. All examinations, used, unused, or transferred, on the letter of trammittal indicating rate abbreviation,  examination  series,  and  examination serial number must be listed. ESOs must make sure all examinations  are  accounted  for. Unused  inactive  Reserve  examinations  should  be destroyed within 5 days after last drill weekend of the examination  month,  unless  authority  is  received  from BUPERS   to   retain   examinations   for   later administration. 3-16

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