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Page Title: Eligibility to Participate in Military/Leadership Examinations
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authorized  custodial  personnel  are  available  to  receipt for, maintain, and administer the examinations. When the independent option is elected, COs or OICs must report the results to the cognizant PASS office without delay for appropriate service record entries. ELIGIBILITY TO PARTICIPATE IN MILITARY/LEADERSHIP EXAMINATIONS Successful   completion   of   the   applicable military/leadership  examination  is  required  before participation   in   the   Navywide   examination   for advancement to paygrades E-4/5/6/7. Members may participate   in   military/leadership   examinations regardless of their current paygrade but must pass the examinations  for  each  paygrade  in  proper  succession. Personnel  enlisted  in  an  advanced  paygrade  and personnel  who  accept  accelerated  advancement  to paygrade E-4 upon completion of A school who are later reduced in rate are required to complete the military requirements of the paygrade previously held before participation in the military/leadership examination. Personnel   may   participate   in   successive military/leadership  examinations  until  satisfactory completion. Successful   completion   of   the military/leadership examination is required only one time.   The   appropriate   petty   officer   military requirements  training  course  should  be  completed before  participating  in  the  examination. SERVICE  RECORD  ENTRY R e c o r d    s u c c e s s f u l    c o m p l e t i o n    o f    t h e military/leadership   examinations   on   the   Enlisted Qualifications  History,  NAVPERS  1070/604,  of  the enlisted  service  record. DISPOSITION OF MILITARY/LEADERSHIP   EXAMINATIONS AND ANSWER SHEETS After  the  military/leadership  examination  answer sheets are graded and results recorded, they must be sent once  each  quarter  to  NETPMSA  via  regular  mail. NETPMSA  uses  them  for  statistical  purposes  only. NETPMSA  does  not  maintain  records  of  scores  or publish the results of these tests. After the first of the new year and receipt of the new calendar   year   leadership   examinations,   old examinations  will  be  destroyed  by  burning,  shredding, or pulping. A report of destruction to NETPMSA is not required;  however,  the  record  of  destruction  should  be maintained  on  board  for  2  years. GRADING EXAMINATIONS The CO or OIC may specifically designate a chief petty  officer  to  handle  and  grade  examinations,  such  as military/leadership  examinations  and  (E-3)  apprentice examinations. This   responsibility   to   handle   and   grade examinations will most likely be given to you when you are assigned duties of ESO. In addition to administering and  grading  these  examinations,  you  will  also  be responsible  for  their  security. SECURITY OF TRAINING MATERIALS Many of the correspondence courses required for advancement are classified. Correspondence courses are considered training materials and must be afforded proper  security.  They  are  administered  by  NETPMSA and  available  from  the  Naval  Publications  and  Forms Directorate,  Naval  Aviation  Supply  Office,  Philadelphia (formerly the Naval Publications and Forms Center, Philadelphia),  and  NETPMSA. According to the  List  of  Training  Manuals  and Nonresident  Training  Courses,  NAVEDTRA  12061,  an application for a classified course must include a letter from the enrollee’s activity certifying that the enrollee has the appropriate security clearance and the need to know.  This  letter  must  be  submitted  on  command letterhead paper and signed by the CO or by direction. NETPMSA does not forward classified courses without this  certification. When courses are requested from NETPMSA, they are  released  to  the  custody  of  the  CO  of  the  enrollee’s command.   Reserve   units   commanded   by   inactive Reserve officers do not qualify. COs are responsible for making sure recipients of classified courses have the proper security clearance and the need to know. On  receipt  of  classified  correspondence  courses  by a command, they must be stored in a restricted area and only  those  persons  whose  duties  actually  require  access and  who  have  been  granted  appropriate  security clearance  will  be  allowed  freedom  of  movement  within the area. Persons who have not been cleared for access to the information contained within the area may, with appropriate approval, be admitted into the area, but they must be controlled by escort, attendant, or other security procedures   to   prevent   access   to   the   classified information. 3-19

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