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Page Title: Duplicate Use of Examinations
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means  of  communicating  with  personnel  who  take  the examination in the interim. COs  of  ships  proceeding  independently  may administer  examinations  on  any  later  date  during  the voyage, provided members of the crew have had no means   of   communicating   with   personnel   who participated  in  the  examination  in  the  interim. Commands  may  administer  a  substitute  examination  on the regular examination date. However, every attempt should  be  made  to  split  an  existing  regular  examination before  using  a  substitute  examination. Navywide   examinations   must   never   be administered   before   the   scheduled   date   unless specifically  authorized  by  BUPERS. ADMINISTRATION  DAYS  FOR SUBSTITUTE  EXAMINATIONS Substitute  examinations  must  be  administered  as soon as possible after receipt but not before the regular scheduled  date. DUPLICATE USE OF EXAMINATIONS If   there   is   an   eligible   candidate   without   an examination, an examination cannot be obtained locally, and another candidate is taking the same examination, the examination booklet may be split and shared with the  candidate  without  an  examination.  A  board  member or  proctor  separates  the  examination  booklet  into  two equal  parts,  giving  each  candidate  one-half  of  the booklet. To split an examination, that examination must be  administered  simultaneously  to  each  candidate. When both candidates have finished their respective halves, a board member or proctor will exchange the halves,  examine  each  part,  and  remove  any  markings made  by  the  first  user.  There  is  no  time  limit  for completion of the first half, but the overall 3 hours’ time limit  must  be  observed.  Each  candidate  should  be allowed  3  hours’  testing  period.  In  recording  the examination  serial  number  on  the  answer  sheet,  each candidate uses the same examination number. No more than two candidates may use the same examination booklet. Duplicate use is authorized only if the examination can be administered to both candidates on the scheduled date  of  administration. ADMINISTRATION  OF EXAMINATIONS Each examining room must be under the direct supervision of at least one member of the examining board  who  must  be  present  at  all  times  during administration of the examinations. Board members or proctors must distribute examinations only when all candidates have been properly seated at their designated table  or  desk  and  required  materials  have  been distributed as discussed earlier in this chapter. After this is completed, special instructions to candidates and verbatim instructions are read. A ratio of not less than 1 examining   board   member   or   proctor   to   each   25 candidates  must  be  established.  Proctors  for  E-4/5/6/7 Navywide  examinations  and  military/leadership examinations  may  be  officers,  chief  petty  officers (E-7/8/9),  or  designated  civilians. Make  sure  procedures  are  set  up  in  case  of  an emergency (fire alarm and so forth) to minimize the possibility  of  compromise.  Also  make  sure  candidates are briefed on these procedures and their responsibility. Examining  board  members  and  proctors  may explain  the  meaning  of  the  instructions  on  the  face  of the examination booklet but they may not interpret examination questions, engage in a discussion about questions, or assist in any way in their solution. Candidates cannot leave before completing their examination,  except  for  emergency  reasons,  and  then only if accompanied by an escort designated by the examiner.  A  member  of  the  examining  board  assumes possession   of   all   examining   material   during   the candidate’s absence. Any candidate who leaves without the  permission  of  an  examining  board  member  is disqualified.  ESOs  must  send  a  NAVGRAM  to NETPMSA  requesting  invalidation  and  reporting  the circumstances. After   each   candidate   has   completed   the examination, a member of the examining board collects all examination material, makes sure the answer sheets are  completed,  and  all  items  circled  by  the  candidates on  the  worksheets  are  clearly  understood  so  that corrections or additions maybe made by the examining board. Before  sending  examination  returns,  the  examining board  must  review  all  answer  sheets  for  accuracy  and completeness  to  reduce  discrepancies.  With  assistance from the ESO, the board resolves all items circled by candidates on the worksheets and checks each entry and blackened circles for accuracy with the exception of the answer portion of the answer sheets that cannot be 3-15

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