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Page Title: Control and Accountability
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Identification   Card,   DD   Form   2   (RET),   and   the Uniformed  Services  Identification  and  privilege  Card, DD Form 1173. Identification  cards  identify,  for  example,  the bearer as being a member of the armed forces serving on extended active duty or a member of the U.S. Naval Reserve  on  inactive  duty.  Identification  cards  also identify  retired  members  of  the  uniformed  services entitled to retired pay, armed forces dependents, or civilians  authorized  to  have  identification  cards  in  their possession. Some of the Navy activities authorized to issue ID cards  are  PERSUPPACTS,  PERSUPPDER,  destroyer tenders  (ADs),  combat  store  ships  (AFSs),  fast  combat support ships (AOEs), replenishment oilers (AORs), repair ships (AR), submarine tenders (ASS), aircraft carriers (CVs), and aircraft carriers (nuclear) (CVNs). Activities, other than those listed previously and in the  MILPERSMAN,  Article  4620140,  must  request authorization to issue cards from CHNAVPERS (PERS 334).  Such  requests  must  provide  specific  justification for ID card issuing authorization. Justification must include the following:    estimated  monthly  number  of cards   issued   by   category   (active   duty,   retired, dependents,  Reserve,  Reserve  dependent)  and  location of nearest military base issuing ID cards. These requests must be signed by the CO and certified that the site has on-line or previously authorized off-line access to the Defense   Enrollment   Eligibility   Reporting   System (DEERS). The CO must further certify that the photographic and  thermoplastic  lamination  equipment  necessary  to issue ID cards is on board. ID card issuing authority, if granted,  does  not  authorize  expenditure  of  funds  for  the purchase  or  maintenance  of  equipment  incident  to  the issuance  of  ID  cards.  Authorized  Navy  issuing  activities stock, verify, and issue only those types of ID cards approved in writing by PERS 334. Members assigned to activities that do not have ID card issuing authority obtain their cards from the nearest authorized  issuing  activity. CONTROL  AND  ACCOUNTABILITY All blank ID cards must be controlled to make sure only authorized persons receive, issue, or handle them at  the  command.  The  following  procedures  are followed: A record is maintained of all ID cards issued to activities. All issuances and receipts are recorded and accounted for by serial number. ID   cards   are   stored   in   a   security-type combination  safe.  Access  to  the  safe  is  controlled by an access log. ID cards are shipped by registered mail from the supply center and records are maintained for 5 years after shipment to each activity by the naval supply  center  servicing  that  activity. Only the CO or designated representative (in writing) may order and receipt for ID cards to be issued by an activity. The CO or OIC of the ID card issuing activity does the  following: Confirms  that  the  command  is  authorized  by CHNAVPERS to issue ID cards. Maintains procedures for strict accountability and security of ID cards. This includes keeping a record by  serial  number  of  cards  received.  Requisitioning documents for ID cards submitted by an ID card issuing activity  must  be  maintained  for  5  years. Sets up controls for processing and handling of ID cards to make sure unauthorized persons do not obtain  them. Maintains a log of the final disposition of each card for 5 years to provide an audit trail. This log should include, but not be limited to, the ID card serial number, the name of the activity, the person to whom the card was issued, and his or her SSN. When   blank   identification   cards   cannot   be accounted  for,  a  letter,  Report  Control  Symbol  BUPERS 1070-65, Report of Missing or Stolen Identification Cards, must be sent to CHNAVPERS describing the circumstances  involved,  the  serial  numbers  of  the missing  cards,  corrective  measures  instituted,  and disciplinary action taken. All commissaries, exchanges, medical  and  dental  facilities  within  a  100-mile  radius will be notified of the missing cards by serial number. Refer to the MILPERSMAN, Article 4620140, for more information. SIGNATURES ON IDENTIFICATION CARDS An officer, master chief petty officer, senior chief petty officer, chief petty officer, petty officer first class, or civilian (GS-5 or above) specifically designated to be 1-15

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