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Page Title: Chapter VI Morale Services, COnferences, and Ceremonies
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CHAPTER  6 MORALE SERVICES, CONFERENCES, AND CEREMONIES This  chapter  identifies  social  service  agencies  and other agencies that contribute to the morale and welfare of service members and their families. They include the Navy  and  Marine  Corps  Relief  Society,  American  Red Cross,  United  Services  Organizations  (USO),  Navy Wives   Organizations,   and   Armed   Forces   Hostess Association.  Other  agencies  that  assist  are  the  Armed Services  Young  Men’s  Christian  Association ( A S / Y M C A ) , Non-Commissioned   Officers Association,   Navy   Mutual   Aid   Association,   Fleet Reserve   Association,   National   Military   Family Association, Navy League of the United States, and federal  credit  unions. This  chapter  also  discusses  Navy-related  facilities that contribute to members’ morale such as the family service center (FSC), Navy legal service office (NLSO), Morale,  Welfare,  and  Recreation  (MWR)  in  the  Navy, and the United States Naval Home. Furthermore, this chapter  discusses  conferences  and  ceremonies  and provides information on how to conduct them and who is  responsible. CIVIL AGENCIES The Chief of Naval Personnel (CHNAVPERS) is responsible for maintaining a relationship with civil agencies,  both  government  and  private,  whose  functions relate to services other than medical for personnel as a result of their naval service and to their family members. Some of the agencies are discussed in this chapter as indicated  in  the  previous  paragraphs. NAVY AND MARINE CORPS RELIEF  SOCIETY The  Navy  and  Marine  Corps  Relief  Society, although closely affiliated with the Navy and Marine Corps  and  working  exclusively  with  naval  and  Marine Corps service personnel and their families, is a private charitable    organization.   All  society  services  are available in times of need to both officer and enlisted personnel  of  the  naval  and  Marine  Corps  service,  active and  retired,  their  family  members,  and  the  families  of deceased   personnel. Members of the Coast Guard, Air Force, and Army can also seek assistance through the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society. The Relief Society contacts the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance in Washington, DC, in case  of  Coast  Guard  personnel;  the  Air  Force  Aid Society  in  Arlington,  Virginia,  in  case  of  Air  Force personnel;   and   the   Army   Emergency   Relief   in Alexandria, Virginia, in case of Army personnel. These agencies  either  approve  or  disapprove  a  member’s request for assistance and the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society is reimbursed if assistance is actually provided. Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society  Membership Active  duty  personnel,  including  the  Master  Chief Petty Officer of the Navy and the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, make up nearly half of the membership of the Board of Managers, for the direction of the Relief Society. Active duty personnel serve as officers of all Navy and Marine Corps relief field activities. They are aided by an advisory board comprised of an active duty officer and  senior  enlisted  leadership  and  volunteer  leaders. Services Available Through the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society The  Navy  and  Marine  Corps  Relief  Society provides such services as gratuities, interest-free loans or a combination of gratuities and loans, counseling, layettes, and visiting nurse services. The Relief Society also operates thrift shops in some field activities and provides children’s waiting rooms at some Navy and Marine Corps bases. Contact the nearest Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society for more information on services  available  at  your  duty  station. Restrictions on Assistance Provided to Certain Persons The Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society does not provide  assistance  to  deserters,  unauthorized  absentees, 6-1

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