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Page Title: Assignment 6 (Continued)
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6-66. Which of the following tasks must you complete to conduct an effective   presentation? 1. Prepare  yourself  by  planning what you are going to discuss and make sure you are knowledgeable  in  the  subject matter 2. Memorize  everything  you  are going to discuss 3. Handwrite  everything  down  you are going to discuss in any order of importance 6-67. Every time you face a group of people, you must have a purpose in mind. This purpose is directly related to the response you want from  what  person(s)? 1. The  chief  petty  officers  and officers in the audience only 2. The  commanding  officer(s)  in the audience only 3. The junior personnel in the audience  only 4. The  audience 6-68. Your  training  manual  discusses presentations to meet which of the following  objectives? 1. To  stimulate 2. To  convince 3. To inform and introduce 4. Each of the above 6-69. What does your training manual recommend that you do before you speak to a group of people? 1. Be prepared only 2. Know your subject matter only 3. Prepare  a  complete,  detailed outline of the entire presentation  only 4. Be prepared,   know your subject matter,    and prepare a complete, detailed outline of the entire presentation 6-70. What is the correct order of the three parts required in any oral presentation? 1. Conclusion, introduction,  main body 2. Introduction,  conclusion,  main body 3. Main  body,   conclusion, introduction 4. Introduction,  main  body, conclusion 6-71. As  discussed  in  your  training manual,    nervousness is d natural and  healthy  aid  to  speaking  before a group for the first time. 1. True 2. False 6-72. Speaking before a group of people is not easy. What must you do and/or  recognize  about  the  ability to  speak  before  an  audience? 1. Develop  a  positive  attitude only 2. Convince yourself that you can do it only 3. Recognize that speaking well is a skill developed as a result of training and practice only 4. Develop a positive attitude, and convince yourself that you can do it. No one is a born speaker or instructor. Recognize    that speaking well is a skill developed as a result of training and practice 6-73. What  pointers  does  your  training manual  suggest  that  you  should  keep in mind to aid you in your presentation as to how tO say it? 1. Speaker to audience contact and platform  appearance 2. Delivery  rate 3. Voice  control 4. Each of the above 6 4

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