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Page Title: Assignment 4 (Continued)
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4-49. 4-50. 4-51. 4-52. To  what  officials  must  commanders send a message report of the highest  precedence  consistent  with operational  demands  concerning  the status of personnel who are dead, missing,  DUSTWUN,  or  injured  in  a naval  disaster? 1. To  SECDEF  with  information copies to CHNAVPERS and JAG 2. To  CNO  with  information  copies to CHNAVPERS and JAG 3. To  CHNAVPERS  with  information copies to CNO and JAG 4. To  JAG  with  information  copies to CNO and CHNAVPERS Which of the following is a policy concerning the need for a message report to CHNAVPERS on members who are  uninjured  and  accounted  for when a naval disaster has occurred? 1. A message is not required to be sent on members who are uninjured  and  accounted  for 2. A message is required to be sent on members who are uninjured  and  accounted  for 3. A message is required only when CNO directs 4. A message is required only when JAG directs What  command  maintains  an  emergency coordination  center  that  is activated when a major naval disaster  or  accident  has  occurred? 1. EPMAC 2. CNO 3. CHNAVPERS 4. NRPC,  New  Orleans,  Louisiana Records  on  personnel  missing  in action  during  hostilities  or  in international  incidents  are controlled  following  the  guidance for  what  category  of  information? 1. Secret 2. Confidential 3. Top  Secret 4. For Official Use Only 4-53. 4-54. 4-55. 4-56. 4-57. What  policy  should  be  followed concerning the release to the public of the names and addresses of military personnel who become casualties? 1. They should not be held from the public and should be released as soon as possible 2. They should be released when the members’ CO directs 3. They should be released when notification of the next of kin has been accomplished 4. They should never be released The CACP requires the Navy officer designated to assist the PNOK and the SNOK of a deceased member possess at least how many years of  active  duty? 1. 5  years 2. 2  years 3. 6 years 4. 7  years What is the maximum duration of standby CACO duty? 1. 1 week 2. 2  weeks 3. 3  weeks 4. 4  weeks Where  can  instructions  and  other information  be  found  concerning the responsibilities of persons assigned  CACO  duties? 1. TRANSMAN 2. MILPERSMAN  only 3. BUPERSINST  1770.3  only 4. MILPERSMAN,  Article  4210160, and BUPERSINST 1770.3 There  are  established  calling  hours during which the next of kin should be notified by a uniformed Navy representative about a casualty. These hours begin at 0600 and end at what hour? 1. 2400 2.  2200 3. 2100 4. 1900 4 0

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