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Page Title: Sales Psychology
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WAIVERS Applicants  who  require  a  waiver  of  any  enlistment eligibility  requirement  or  program  qualification  should not  be  processed  unless  they  are  considered  to  be particularly desirable applicants. Requests for waiver consideration  are  carefully  weighed  using  the  whole person concept as the general rule. The single most important  aspect of    a    waiver    request    is    the recommendation  made  by  the  CO.  Final  determination of acceptability for applicants who have been involved with civil authorities will be made after considering these  additional  factors: Nature  of  offense(s)  and  degree  of  participation Age at time of offense(s) Length of time since last offense Established  pattern  of  offenses Success  chances  for  recruits  entering  the  Navy (where   applicable) Record  of  behavior  and  attendance  at  school Home environment at time of offense(s) Results of home visit, interviews with school officials,  probation  officers,  or  other  persons who are familiar with the applicant’s reputation and standing in the community The applicant’s motivation toward serving his or her country in the Navy Most NRDs have a locally prepared waiver cover sheet  on  which  the  recruiter  and  RINC  make  their personal  recommendations.  Careful  consideration  should be given to the same whole person concept that is used to determine the waiver approval or rejection. There are times when an applicant may be well within waiverable limits in one area, but is so borderline in several others that  waiver  consideration  should  not  be  requested.  The other  side  of  the  coin  is  that  recruiters  should  be open-minded about applicants who may have a single waiver requirement but are highly qualified in all other respects,  Stress  to  recruiters  that  they  are  giving  their personal recommendation to the applicant. It is their word that they feel the individual would become a good sailor, an asset to the Navy. SALES Navy recruiting is definitely a business of sales, but different in concept and approach than most. Usually, selling involves the exchange of goods or services for a  price.  In  Navy  recruiting,  we  are  selling  the intangible — a Navy enlistment. Our sales do not involve an  exchange.  Instead,  we  offer  opportunities  and provide  the  motivation  that  will  cause  our  prospects  to take advantage of them. Our job is to establish faith, confidence, and belief in our product – the Navy. We use the  art  of  persuasive  communication  to  enable  our prospects to see the value of joining our team. Most salespeople  with  a  set  product  like  encyclopedias  or vacuum  cleaners  can  use  the  same  approach  for  all potential buyers.    The  value  and  benefits  of  their products are basically the same for every customer, The Navy  means  many  things  to  different  people.  Its  value is  different  for  each  individual.  So,  we  must  use consultative  sales  to  tailor  our  presentation  to  our prospects’  wants,  needs,  and  dominant  buying  motives (DBMs). We ascertain their goals and show them how the Navy will help achieve them. Recruiting is actually the   art   of   diagnosing   and   solving   problems.   The following  paragraphs  begin  by  covering  the  psychology of sales, the science of sales, and the steps of a sale. Next,  we  take  a  look  at  evaluating  recruiters’  sales presentations and using the sales script followed by a look  at  the  competition. SALES  PSYCHOLOGY A  basic  understanding  of  the  psychological  aspects of  recruiting  will  help  you  understand  yourself  as  well as  other  people.  This  understanding  is  fundamental  to recruiting  success. The Law of Psychological Reciprocity Professional   recruiters   understand   the   law   of psychological  reciprocity.  This  law  says  that  if  we  give our prospects credit for their intelligence, then they are mentally and morally bound to give us credit for ours. We know that we must not challenge our prospects’ beliefs. We tailor our presentations to our prospects’ beliefs and desires. This law applies as well when you are dealing with your recruiters and people in general, Basic Human Wants and Needs When  considering  the  psychology  of  sales,  it  is helpful  to  understand  that  people,  ourselves  included, have  basic  wants  and  needs  in  life.  If  we  approach 6-17

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