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Page Title: Recruiting and Advertising Department (Code 40)
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ENLISTED PROGRAMS (CODE 33).– Code 33 manages programs for enlistment and reenlistment in the Regular and Reserve components of the Navy. TRAINING  AND  FIELD  SUPPORT  (CODE 34).– Code 34 manages programs for standardization of all   field   training   following   Recruiting Officer Management  Orientation  (ROMO)/Enlisted  Navy Recruiting  Orientation  (ENRO).  Code  34  writes  the enlisted RQS instruction, The Science and Art of Navy Recruiting  Manual,  and makes major input to other directives  concerning  enlisted  recruiting. Recruiting and Advertising Department (Code 40) Code   40   plans,   coordinates,   and   directs   all advertising  for  Navy  recruiting.  Code  40  develops, procures, and distributes all advertising material used in Navy recruiting. This department manages the Navy Opportunity  Information  Center  (NOIC)/National  Lead Tracking System (NALTS)/National Navy Recruiting Information  Center  (NNRIC)  activities  and  Public Service Advertising (PSA) administration and analysis. Code 40 also will provide personalized PSA radio TV spots to local recruiters just for the asking. Navy Awareness Department (Code 50) Code  50  develops,  plans,  coordinates, implements community/fleet relations programs and and and promotional plans programs. Code 50 provides public affairs  guidance  to  field  elements  of  the  command, manages  the  Sea  Power  Presentation  program,  and provides Navy awareness resources (exhibits, printed material,  audiovisual  presentations)  to  recruiting  field activities.  This  department  also  maintains  liaison  with medical,   educational,   vocational,   and   youth organizations. PUBLIC AFFAIRS (CODE 51).–  Code 51 deals with  community  relations  and  publishes  the  Navy Recruiter  Magazine. FIELD SUPPORT/EDUCATION (CODE 52).– Code  52  coordinates  youth  programs,  referral  support, exhibits, and conventions. Information Systems Department (Code 70) Code  70  provides  the  command  with  automated  data processing  (ADP)  and  office  information  systems  to support  the  management  of  recruiting  functions  in  the field and at headquarters. COMMANDER NAVY RECRUITING AREA STAFF The AC is responsible for fulfilling the recruiting mission  assigned  to  his  or  her  Area.  The  AC  organizes efforts  to  make  sure  quantitative  and  qualitative  goals are  met  or  exceeded.  Figure  1-4  shows  the  Area organizational  structure. Area Deputy Commander The Area deputy commander (ADC) assists the AC in both enlisted and officer recruiting matters. Area Command Master Chief The ACMC is the senior enlisted advisor to the AC in  all  matters  concerning  enlisted  recruiting.  The  ACMC trains  the  district  CRs. AREA TRAINING COORDINATOR.– The Area training coordinator (ATC) develops and carries out a comprehensive   and   vigorous   training   plan   on   an areawide  basis. A R E A     A S S I S T A N T     T R A I N I N G COORDINATOR.–   The   Area   assistant   training coordinator (AATC) assists the ATC in performance of assigned  duties. Area Recruiting District Assistance Council The  Area  recruiting  district  assistance  council (ARDAC)  members  assist  One-Navy  recruiting  by joining   together   the   many   talents   available   in Navy-related  organizations,  the  civilian  community,  and the Naval Reserve at the Area level. Area Chief Staff Officer The  Area  chief  staff  officer  (ACSO)  assists  and advises the AC on the overall functions, control, and coordination necessary to carry out the assigned mission, The ACSO acts as the AC in his or her absence. AREA  EDUCATION  SPECIALIST.–  The Area education specialist (AES) is the principal advisor on liaison with the civilian education community. The AES trains the district education specialists and acts as a member  of  the  STEAM  team. AREA SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR.– The Area systems  administrator  (ASYSAD)  ensures  the  efficient 1-12

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