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Page Title: Recruiter Suitability Boards
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continued  satisfactory  performance  of  duty  and COMNAVCRUITCOM manpower requirements. ADMINISTRATION  OF  RECRUITER (9585)  AND  SUPPORT  PERSONNEL Enlisted   personnel   are   ordered   to   duty   at Recruiting  Areas  or  Districts,  as  either  recruiters (9585)   or   recruiting   support   personnel,   by CHNAVPERS  (PERS-40). Recruiter Suitability Boards One  of  your  responsibilities  as  a  CRF  is  to evaluate  new  recruiters.  Normally,  recruiters  who have been in a production capacity for 6 months will develop  the  skills  and  self-confidence  necessary  to become  successful,  productive  recruiters.  However, some  individuals  do  not  possess  the  necessary qualities to succeed in recruiting. These individuals should be considered for board review action as soon as  identified.  Some  individuals,  although  not  yet succeeding, are highly motivated toward recruiting. They  may  take  slightly  longer  than  6  months  to become  proficient. You  should  provide  extensive training  and  monitoring  to  these  individuals.  Each case  must  be  judged  independently;  however,  any unsuccessful   production   recruiter   should   not   be retained beyond 1 year. Under no circumstances will a recruiter who has been on board more than 1 year be nominated for a recruiter suitability board (RSB). You  should  exercise  care  to  ensure  professional, positive training and assistance is provided to each recruiter  assigned. Before   recommending   any recruiter to an RSB, you need to ask yourself if you have  given  this  individual  every  possible  opportunity to succeed. Some reasons for recommendation to an RSB include the inability to communicate, adapt to the recruiting environment, interact with the applicants or  the  community,  and  comprehend  the  recruiting systems. Board Composition and Requirements The   NRD   XO   presides   as   board   president. Members will include the EPO, CR, and a ZS, The report of an RSB includes a brief description of the recruiter’s  problems  and  a  board  recommendation. The  CO  will  add  his  or  her  decision  to  the  report. The  board  can  recommend  a  transfer  for  recruiters who are working hard but are determined by the board to  be  lacking  in  recruiting  ability.  This  procedure should   not   be   confused   with   fault   and   no-fault transfers, which are explained later in this chapter. The number of transfers authorized per year will be provided  annually  to  Area  commanders. RSB  Transfers When a recruiter is nominated for transfer from recruiting  duty  as  a  result  of  an  RSB,  a  Naval Message   Availability   Report   is   submitted   to CHNAVPERS.  The  member’s  NEC  9585  will  be revoked and he or she will be reassigned within his or her  rating. The  individual  should  be  advised  to contact  his  or  her  detailer  to  discuss  future assignments. Reassignment  will  be  made  by  the rating  detailer  to  a  shore  duty  billet  available  closest to   the   NRD   from   which   the   member   is   being transferred for completion of the normal shore tour. SDAP is terminated when the recruiter is taken off production, but may be retained until transfer, if the recruiter  is  kept  on  production. The  transfer evaluation  will  cite  an  inability  to  perform  recruiting duty  through  no  lack  of  effort  on  the  part  of  the individual. FAULT/NO-FAULT TRANSFERS Recruiters may be recommended for fault/no-fault transfers  when  they  are  considered  unsuited  for recruiting duty. Fault and no-fault transfers are not to be  used  as  substitutes  for  disciplinary  actions. Recruiters who have a fault/no-fault transfer lose their NEC   9585   and   SDAP   upon   removal   from   a production status. A recruiter being processed for a fault/no-fault  transfer  must  be  provided  an  opportunity to  review  the  transfer  request  letter.  The  recruiter should  provide  a  signed  statement  that  he  or  she  has reviewed  the  transfer  request  and  either  has  no statement or will provide a written statement to be forwarded  with  the  CO’s  letter.  Availability  y  reports will  be  initiated  only  after  the  transfer  request  is approved   by   CHNAVPERS   and   the   message prompting  availability  is  received.  Personnel  made available  for  fault/no-fault  transfer  are  considered ineligible  for  either  future  assignment  to  recruiter  duty or recruiter support duty. Fault Transfers Recruiters may be considered for a fault transfer when  they  are  considered  unsuited  for  continued recruiting duty as a result of their own actions. Some possible  reasons  for  fault  transfer  include  lack  of integrity,   misconduct   or   misappropriation,   and 3-29

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