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Page Title: No-Cost Moves
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l  What  will  be  the  impact  on  the  recruiter’s family?  Consider  the  spouse  and  children  in  any move  recommendation.  Will  they  be  able  to  make  the transition  with  minimal  difficulty?  Will  the  move affect  school  terms?  A  negative  impact  on  the recruiter’s family can leave him or her in a stressful situation. l  What  will  be  the  overall  morale  impact? Consider those personnel in the station the recruiter will  be  leaving  as  well  as  those  in  the  station  the recruiter  will  be  moving  to.  Will  the  move  have  an overall  positive  effect  in  the  Zone?  If,  after  careful consideration, you have determined it is in the best interest of all to recommend a change of station move, you  must  now  decide  which  type  of  move  will  be required: no-cost, proximity, or out of proximity. No-Cost  Moves The CO may approve a no-cost move. A no-cost move is authorized when the new assignment is within the  same  permanent  duty  station  as  the  old  assignment and the commuting distance does not require a change of  place  of  residence.  A  permanent  duty  station  is  the corporate boundaries for the location of the unit or activity. For example, a change of assignment from C O M N A V C R U I T C O M    t o    t h e    P e n t a g on (approximately  5  miles)  is  not  a  change  of  permanent duty station because both units are located within the corporate  boundaries  of  Arlington,  Virginia.  A  change of   assignment   from   the   Pentagon   to   NAVSTA Anacostia  (approximately  5  miles)  is  a  change  of permanent duty station because NAVSTA Anacostia is in the District of Columbia. Proximity Moves If   the   new   assignment   involves   a   change   of permanent  duty  station  in  the  proximity,  PCS  orders will be required. Members will be entitled to travel and  transportation  allowances  only. Proximity  is defined as an area where two permanent duty stations are serviced by the same local transportation network or where the member can reasonably be expected to commute daily from the same residence to both duty stations. This would be the case of the Pentagon to NAVSTA Anacostia example. The maximum allowable PCS cost for proximity moves  is  $150.  Entitlements  include  1  day’s  per diem, less lodging, and monetary allowance in lieu of transportation (MALT) from present duty station to proposed   permanent   duty   station.   Relocation   of household  effects  is  generally  neither  required  nor authorized  for  these  moves  unless  need  is  certified  by the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO). If relocation of household effects is waived, the move then becomes a  full  cost  PCS  move  equivalent  to  an  out  of proximity PCS move. The  member  must  have  at  least  12  months remaining  on  board  until  PRD. A   request   for extension may be included with the original proximity move  nomination. Proximity  moves  cannot  be  conducted  until official orders are received from CHNAVPERS. Out of Proximity Moves Out of proximity moves require full PCS orders. Members  executing  these  moves  receive  all  PCS entitlement,  including  relocation  of  household  goods. Districts  will  contact  the  local  housing  representative for a complete breakdown of costs for transfer. For planning  purposes,  out  of  proximity  will  be  limited  to $4,000 total entitlement. Members must have at least 18 months remaining on board until their PRD. As with  proximity  moves,  an  extension  request  may accompany  the  transfer  request.  Moves  cannot  be conducted  until  official  orders  are  received  from CHNAVPERS. There is no action that can be taken to  deny  members  entitlement  associated  with  cost moves. 3-31

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