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Page Title: National Leads
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l RTC Dispatch Report. This is a weekly report of  all  RTC  PRO-Navy  referrals  sent  by  station  and zone. Be cautious when analyzing these leads. Stations that  work  their  DEP  personnel  vigorously  for  referrals before they ship may not receive many RTC leads or may have already contacted those that they do receive. l  Newspaper/Advertising  Tracking  Report.  This is a monthly report generated by the LTC, The report lists all ads, number of times run, responses, and costs figured  per  qualified  interested  lead  and  contract,  The LTC  must  make  sure  advertising  is  cost-effective.  If you request ads be run in specific papers, the LTC will check for past productivity of advertising before placing new ads. l  Direct  Mail  Tracking  Report.  This  is  also  a monthly report. It details direct mail efforts and figures cost  per  lead  and  contract  for  effectiveness  tracking. National Leads The  Navy  Opportunity  Information  Center  (NOIC) is a prime source of leads. The NOIC is a computerized lead fulfillment system that answers inquiries sent in response to national advertising in magazines, direct mail, public service, take-one cards, and all advertising with the NOIC reply address. The NOIC processes all inquiries  made  in  response  to  advertising  via  the toll-free  telephone  number,  1-800-USA-NAVY.  The NOIC  prescreens  leads  for  the  recruiter  based  on information   available   on   the   response   card.   This information is usually limited to name, address, and phone number. Each prospect is sent literature and a personalized letter within 24 hours by return mail. The local recruiter’s NRS address, phone number, and the hours  of  operation  are  included  in  this  letter.  The prospect is invited to contact the recruiter for further information. At the same time the letter and literature are  mailed  to  the  prospect,  the  NOIC  will  send  the prospect’s name to the recruiter on a 5 by 8 prospect card and to the NRD LTC by computer modem. If the inquirer  has  checked  Call  me  on  the  reply  card,  a special notation prints out on the prospect card. The NOIC helps eliminate undesirable leads by rejecting invalid  responses.    Pranksters  who  use  names  of well-known public figures or multiple responses from an individual using the same address are also rejected. Additionally, names may be eliminated by the recruiter by sending in a name deletion form to the LTC. NATIONAL LEAD TRACKING SYSTEM.–  The National   Lead   Tracking   Systems   (NALTS)   is   the system  used  to  track  NOIC  leads.  The  NALTS  is  a management tool designed to measure and improve the quality of nationally produced leads and to help you make   goal.   The   only   source   of   information   for evaluating  NOIC  leads  is  the  recruiter  completed NALTS feedback card. This card is attached to every prospect card generated by the NOIC. The NALTS is a full loop follow-up system. Recruiters must return every NALTS  card  to  the  NRD  LTC  within  30  days.  The LTC verifies each card for accuracy and updates the NOIC  computer  files  via  the  NALTS  Electronic Transmission  (NET)  system.  Before  returning  the NALTS card to the LTC, recruiters must be sure a final disposition  is  provided  for  the  lead  by  answering question 2, 3, or 10. Otherwise the lead is considered an open lead and cannot be processed. If the NALTS card is not returned on time, it is considered overdue and this is noted on a report to the CR. If after 105 days  the  NALTS  card  is  still  outstanding,  it  is considered  delinquent.  After  136  days  the  lead  is automatically  closed  out. NOIC NALTS REPORTS.– As part of the NALTS, the NOIC generates a series of weekly and monthly management  reports  that  detail  lead  status  and  compare NRS/NRD/Commander,  Navy  Recruiting  Area  (CNRA) performance  in  following  up  on  national  leads. NOIC Weekly Lead Dispatch Report.– The  NOIC Weekly  Lead  Dispatch  Report  is  distributed  to  all  ZSs, It is an extremely effective tool to evaluate national leads  follow-up.  This  report  lists  all  eligible  leads  sent to NRSs for the week with the same information that was  shown  on  the  NALTS  lead  card.  Overdue, delinquent,  and  force-closed  leads  are  listed  as  well  as NALTS  field  reported  activities.  ZSs  should  carry  this report on station visits for eligible lead follow-up and immediately  clear  any  overdue,  delinquent,  or force-closed dispositions. Even force-closed leads can be  reopened  and  given  a  recruiter-supplied  disposition by returning the NALTS feedback card, a blank NALTS card  with  appropriate  information  applied,  or  an accession  reporting  card. NALTS   Executive   Summary.–   The  NALTS Executive Summary is a management report showing the performance of each station, district, and Area in following up national leads. This report reflects total leads sent to the field since the beginning of the fiscal year. It specifies those leads working, accessed or not accessed,  and  those  that  have  not  been  reported  on within   allotted   periods. The   NALTS   Executive Summary  details  from  best  to  worst  performance, 6-12

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