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Page Title: Fairs, Carnivals, and Local Celebrations
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on a talk show, make sure you know the format and anticipated  topics  before  the  show  is  taped.  If  any topics, other than Navy career opportunities, are to be   discussed,   contact   your   district   PAO   for guidance. Television Television  air  time  is  extremely  expensive.  Our PSA   efforts   in   this   media   are   very   important. COMNAVCRUITCOM   distributes   1-   and   2-inch videotapes   and   3/4-inch   videocassettes  in  15-  and 30-second  lengths  three  times  a  year  to  television stations  throughout  the  nation. Contact   local stations  and  cultivate  COIs  that  will  ensure  your PSAs  get  on  the  air.  This  is  a  media  that  requires constant follow-up, not only to ensure the PSAs are run,   but   to   negotiate   for   better   time   slots. Television  stations  are  usually  swamped  with  PSA requests,  so  you  should  use  some  serious  selling skills  in  this  arena.  Most  local  stations  have  local talk   shows   or   community   interest   programs.   Be persistent  in  contacting  the  scheduling  directors  to include   a   Navy   recruiter   periodically.   Many   new recruiters  may  be  reluctant  to  appear  on  television for the first time. If you do the show for them, have them  accompany  you.  Many  will  surprise  you  and take  the  lead  halfway  through.  Voilh!   A  star  is born! A with radio talk shows, make sure you have a  thorough  briefing  before  the  show  is  taped Outdoor Advertising COMNAVCRUITCOM   conducts   direct   mail solicitations   semiannually   to   outdoor   posting companies offering a variety of Navy posters for use on  billboards.  Once  again  to  maximize  the  use  of this  form  of  advertising  personal  follow-up  is required. If   you   have   an   outdoor   advertising company in your recruiting territory, get acquainted and sell the Navy. PUBLIC AFFAIRS EVENTS Public affairs events include both those initiated by  local  communities  and  those  you  may  wish  to initiate   from   the   Navy   side.   Fairs,   parades,   and local  celebrations  all  offer  an  excellent  opportunity to   spread   the   Navy’s   word   Educator   orientation visits   (EOVs),   Navy   cruises,   Navy   days,   and performances   by   Navy   bands,   drill   teams,   or performance   units   can   all   add   positive   Navy awareness. The   following   paragraphs   cover participation in community events and parades, the use of bands and demonstration teams, special Navy recruiting  events,  and  sea  power  presentations. FAIRS,  CARNIVALS,  AND  LOCAL CELEBRATIONS Every  town  has  local  celebrations  of  some  kind that  people  turn  out  for.  These  occasions  are  ideal to   increase   your   Navy   awareness. Again,   your imagination is the only limit to the possibilities for participation.  Above  all,  make  your  project  fun  and involve as many recruiters as possible. Whether you plan  a  display,  booth,  or  demonstration  make  it professional  and  interesting.  Most  people  are  in  a festive mood at these activities, so join in and make some  lasting  contacts. Funding for Space Costs If the event charges a booth rental or space fee, you   will   need   to   submit   an   internal   request document   to   supply   for   funding   approval.   Event coordinators   often   require   advance   deposits.   The Navy cannot pay in advance and most coordinators will   waive   the   deposit   for   government   purchase orders. Once  funding  is  approved,  you  can  go ahead with the event participation. Have the event coordinators  send  an  invoice  to  the  NRD.  NRD supply   will   submit   the   invoice   for   payment. Remember to plan ahead for booth rental fees when you  submit  your  budget  input  worksheet  for  the fiscal year, as discussed  in  chapter  3. Setting Up Displays The  key  to  setting  up  a  display  is  to  make  it professional.  A  plain  table  stacked  with  brochures and pamphlets is rarely the eye-catching display you want to attract prospects and potential COIs. Refer to  the  discussion  of  exhibits,  found  later  in  this chapter,  for  ideas  to  enhance  your  booth  or  space. Check with the NRD for use of a Navy banner. Try to keep the display simple. A main theme or exhibit will be more appealing than a cluttered assortment of  pamphlets.  Use  promotional  items  sparingly. Instead of leaving them out for everyone, use them as   a   reward   for   filling   out   a   referral   card   or requesting additional   information on   Navy opportunities. One of the most important aspects of your  display  will  be  the  uniformed  recruiters  who are  working  the  event. Make   sure   everyone   is looking  sharp.  Arrange  for  frequent  shift  changes and  breaks  to  keep  them  fresh  and  attentive. 7-5

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