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Page Title: Awards Recognition for Outstanding Production Recruiters
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supervisor   (EPDS)   will   be   eligible   for   the   Gold Wreath Award when the District achieves its assigned one-Navy  accession  goal,  NCOs,  and  DSO  for  a consecutive 3-month period. Additional awards may be  earned  for  similar  performance  during  subsequent 3-month   periods. The first Gold Wreath an EPDS earns will not be awarded until the individual is RQS board-certified.  The  Gold  Wreath  may  be  awarded retroactively to the date criteria were satisfied once RQS certification is completed. AREA  PERSONNEL.–  Area personnel will be awarded  the  Gold  Wreath  based  on  the  criteria established  for  their  District  counterparts  to  the greatest  extent  possible. Spouse  Recognition Our  recruiters’  spouses  play  an  important  role  in COMNAVCRUITCOM’s   success.   Their   many sacrifices  will  be  recognized  by  awarding  a  certificate of   appreciation   signed   by   COMNAVCRUITCOM. The  certificate  will  be  awarded  when  the  recruiter earns his or her fifth Gold Wreath Award. AWARDS  RECOGNITION  FOR OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION RECRUITERS The  objective  of  this  program  is  to  provide  the recognition deserved and to encourage NRD COs to recognize  production  recruiters,  including  RINCs,  for outstanding performance and effort. The program is not intended to replace COs’ awards authorized in The Navy and   Marine   Corps   Awards   Manual, SECNAVINST  1650.1.  CNRC  will  approve  Navy Achievement   Medals   (NAMs)   in   recognition   of outstanding production recruiters. The  maximum number  of  NAMs  that  a  CO  of  an  NRD  can recommend per fiscal year under this program is based on  the  number  of  production  recruiter  billets  (15 percent  of  the  combined  total  of  9585,9586,  and  2612 only) authorized in the unit’s Manpower Personnel Authorization  Document.   Awards  Recognition  for O u t s t a n d i n g    P r o d u c t i o n    R e c r u i t e r s, COMNAVCRUITCOMINST   1650.22,   lists   the number of authorized NAMs for each NRD per fiscal year. The action period of the recommendation must be for a minimum of 12 months, and a portion of that 12  months  must  have  occurred  during  the  fiscal  year in  which  the  recommendation  is  submitted.  Award recommendations  may  be  submitted  any  time  during the fiscal year; however, all must be submitted in time to   reach   COMNAVCRUITCOM   by   20   October annually.  Recommendations  received  after  that  date will  count  against  the  new  fiscal  year. SPECIAL DUTY ASSIGNMENT PAY Special duty assignment pay (SDAP) is a monthly pay in addition to any pay and allowance to which a member  is  otherwise  entitled.  Eligibility  criteria  and award level entitlement are found in Enlisted Bonus and  Special  Duty  Assignment  Pay  Programs, OPNAVINST  1160.6,  and  the  associated  notice.  It should be noted that eligibility criteria and award level entitlements are reviewed annually and are subject to change. Pay levels are based on job tenure. The time is computed from the date a fully qualified member actually  begins  assigned  duties. Prior  successful recruiting   experience   of   9   months   or   more   is creditable  toward  variable  SDAP  levels.  Members returning to recruiting duty will reenter at the 3- to 9-month pay level and increase to the maximum pay level   after   6   continuous   months   in   the   new assignment. Members transferred on a permanent change of station (PCS) directly to another recruiter billet  are  considered  to  have  been  on  continuous  duty for  pay  level  purposes. NAVY  RECRUITING  RIBBON The Secretary of the Navy authorized the Navy Recruiting Service ribbon, shown in figure 3-2, on 2 February 1989 and authorized retroactively awards to 1  January  1980.  The  Navy  Recruiting  Service  ribbon is   awarded   to   non-CRF   and   non-Naval   Reserve Canvasser   Recruiter   (CANREC)   personnel   upon Figure  3-2.–Navy  Recruiting  Service  Ribbon. 3-8

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