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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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7-24. Of the following items, which should you review before planning a station visit agenda? 1. LEADS and NALTS reports 2. POA&Ms 3. RQS status 4. All of the above 7-25. Station visit sheets should be used in which of the following  ways? 1. Check all items listed at each visit 2. Check all production related items at each visit  only 3. Check each item once during each month only 4. Use the list as a guide and check each item as applicable 7-26. As you enter a recruiting station, you should look around, putting yourself in the shoes of which of the  following  individuals? 1. Recruiter 2. RINC 3. Inspector 4. Prospect 7-27. If  the  RINC  asks  for  unplanned  assistance  during  a scheduled station visit, you should follow which of the following courses of action? 1. Skip your planned agenda and provide the requested  assistance 2. Tell the RINC not to sidetrack you and follow planned agenda only 3. Follow you planned agenda first then, if time allows, provide the requested assistance 4. Provide  the  requested  assistance  first,  then  go on with your planned agenda 7-28. During a station visit, you should look for which of  the  following  situations? 1. Systems  being  used  incorrectly  only 2. Obvious enlistment irregularities only 3. Things that are being done right 4. All of the above 7-29. ZS copies of the Station Visit Sheets should be maintained  in  which  of  the  following  locations? 7-30. Major  inspection  problems  are  those  that  deal  with which  of  the  following  subjects? 1. Production 2. Malpractice 3. Fraternization 4. Vehicle use 7-31. MITT is made up of experienced recruiting managers  who  provide  which  of  the  following services? 1. Problem  identification 2. Training 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. Counseling 7-32. Each NRS not inspected by MITT must be inspected  within  what  maximum  time  period following the MITT inspection? 1. 1 month 2. 2  months 3. 3 months 4. 4  months 7-33. Which of the following personnel is NOT authorized  to  conduct  a  post-MITT  periodic  station inspection? 1.     CO 2. EPO 3.    CR 4. RINC 7-34. A production inspection should include which of the  following  portions  of  the  MITT  check-off? 1. Priority one only 2. Priority  one  and  two  only 3. Priority two and three only 4. All portions 7-35. The EPO may grant what maximum number of waivers for a station requiring a production inspection? 1.    One 2. Two 3. Three 4. Four 1. Station  folder 2. Station  Notebook 3. Either 1 or 2 above 41

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