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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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7-11. When interviewing potential attrites, which of the following techniques should you use to determine the nature of the problem? 1. Ask rhetorical questions 2. Ask  open-ended  questions 3. Be  assertive  and  brusque 4. Be kind and gentle 7-12. DEP family nights are most effective when held at which of the following levels? 2. 1. Recruiter Station 3. Zone 4. District 7-13. Approval for COI events should be obtained in advance  from  which  of  the  following  authorities? 1. NRD EPO 2. NRD  CO 3. CNRA 4. CNRC 7-14. Regular DEP events should not exceed what dollar amount  per  person? 1. $4.50 2. $5.50 3. $7.00 4. $8.00 7-15. Mini-DEP events should be claimed for reimbursement in which of the following ways? 1. File an OPE claim 2. Submit the bill to the NRD LSO 3. Submit  a  voucher  for  disbursement  to  the NRD 4. Send  a  memorandum  requesting reimbursement to the EPO 7-16. Which of the following goals should be met with effective  time  management? 1. Gain control of the timing and content of what you do 2. Gain  control  of  every  task  and  assignment 3. Have more leisure time 4. Have more time to plan and coordinate 7-17. As a supervisor, when you take on the problem of your  subordinates,  which  of  the  following conditions   exist? 1. You are now completely in charge 2. You are now working for your subordinates 3. You can ensure the problem is solved correctly 4. You have misused the chain of command 7-18. Delegating  duties  to  subordinates  should  cause which of the following results? 1. Less responsibility for the manager 2. More accountability for the manager 3. More effective time management and training 7-19. You should prioritize each item on your “to do” list  by  importance  and  urgency. 1. True 2. False 7-20. How can the feedback loop in communication increase time management effectiveness? 1. Conversations will be shorter 2. You can hold the person accountable 3. You  ensure  understanding  of  the  task assigned 4. The individual understands the assignment must be done quickly 7-21. Which of the following activities will contribute to more  effective  time  management? 1. Simplify  your  work 2. Set  clear  cut  goals 3. Keep  organized  files 4. All of the above 7-22. The frequency of station visits should be based on which of the following factors? 1. Size of station 2. Number  of  recruiters 3. Size of goal 4. Your observations 7-23. You should visit struggling stations as many times per week as possible. 1. True 2. False 40

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