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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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ASSIGNMENT 7 Textbook Assignment: Chapter  8,  pages  8-16  through  8-23  and  chapter  9,  pages  9-1  through  9-8. 7-1. Which  of  the  following  factors  is  most  important in  analyzing  waivers? 1. Mental group 2. Approval rate 3. Education  level 4. Type  of  waiver 7-2. Once  you  have  tallied  factors  in  your  waiver analysis, which of the following steps should you take  next? 1. Look for significant trends 2. Look  for  the  most  common  factor 3. Train to all factors 4. Train  to  most  common  factor 7-3. Stations with consistently high percentages of waivers may need training in which of the following  areas? 1. Increase   referral   prospecting 2. Increase   will-grad   recruiting 3. Prospect in the quality market 4. Prospect upper mental groups only 7-4. When  one  of  your  stations  has  a  significantly  low percentage of waivers, you should check for which of the following problems? 1. Ineffective    blueprinting 2. Undue restricting of enlistments 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. Prospecting in the wrong market 7-5. Your goal in attrition analysis should be to meet which  of  the  following  objectives? 1. 2. 3. 4. Identify DEP personnel with high attrition potential so that preventive action can be taken Identify DEP personnel with high attrition potential so additional time is not wasted on them Identify  applicants  with  high  attrition potential so they can be avoided Identify  prospects  with  high  attrition potential so they are not prospected 7-6. 7-7. 7-8. 7-9. 7-10. DEP leadership should meet which of the following  objectives? 1. Train  and  motivate  DEP  personnel 2. Generate  referral  activity 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. Provide additional office manpower DEP leadership is a responsibility at which of the following levels in the chain of command? 1. Recruiter of record only 2. RINC  only 3. Recruiter, RINC, and ZS only 4. Every  level The  RINC  and  recruiter  should  meet  with  new DEP  members  within  what  maximum  time  after processing? 1. 12  hours 2. 24 hours 3. 48 hours 4. 72 hours When evaluating a DEP meeting, you must consider which of the following questions as the most  important  question  that  needs  to  be answered? 1. Did  they  get  enough  referrals? 2. Were the DEP personnel attentive? 3. If I were one of these DEP members, would I continue to attend DEP meetings? 4. If I were one of these DEP members, would I feel obligated to give referrals? ZSs must conduct an executive telephone screening  with  what  specific  percentage  of  each station’s  DEP  members  each  month? 1. 10  percent 2. 15  percent 3. 20 percent 4. 25 percent 39

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